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Daniel McAdams

Leveretts: 'The Bankruptcy of Washington’s Approach to Nuclear Diplomacy'

In yet another timely and important article at this critical time in US/Iran relations, Ron Paul Institute Academic Board Members Flynt and Hillary Mann Leverett shed some much-needed light and perspective on the seemingly irrational US reaction to the ascendence of an entire new ruling group in Iran which is expressly interested in finding a way to bridge the gaps with the West. The question, essentially, is whether the US is open to dialogue and the possibility of a peaceful solution to the three-plus decade US/Iran impasse, or whether war is considered the only available option.
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Major Terrorism Alert: Are They Crying 'Wolf'?

What should we make of the latest worldwide US government terrorism threat warning? Amidst the dramatic -- and well-covered in the mainstream media -- shuttering of several US embassies for at least a day or so, Americans are suddenly told to be very afraid. The media is so excited by this dramatic story that they have seemingly forgotten all about the latest NSA spying revelations.
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Who Needs Prison Time: Greenwald or Hayden?

Former director of the CIA and NSA, General Michael Hayden, oversaw the early construction of the NSA's warrantless wiretapping database of the telephone conversations of American citizens. He demonstrated his ignorance by arguing in a 2006 interview that the 4th Amendment of the Constitution did not mention "probable cause." While Director of Central Intelligence he fought for a new rules of engagement for US drone operators that allowed them to shoot at vehicles based solely on the behavior of the drivers rather than any suspected association with terrorism. It is not known how many innocent people were murdered based on Hayden's directions.
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Why is US Ambassador McFaul Sticking His Nose Into the Navalny Trial?

As Bradley Manning finds his escape routes from a life sentence for his whistle-blowing quickly shut down by judges who are closely tied to the prosecutors, and as whistle-blower Edward Snowden faces life on the run from the largest intelligence network in history along with its army of drones, US Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul found time to Tweet his extreme dissatisfaction with a criminal trial in Moscow. “We are deeply disappointed in the conviction of Navalny and the apparent political motivations in this trial,” he announced to his Twitter followers. The irony escaped him, to be sure.

Like the majority of Russians who have never heard of Alexei Navalny, most Americans are likely unfamiliar with the dissident so cherished by the neoconservative regime change crowd in the US.  To Washington Post’s extreme Russophobic editorial page editor Fred Hiatt, Navalny is a “daring opposition blogger” who is to be held up as the model of a civil society that would emerge if only the tyrant Putin were overthrown.
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Goodbye, Janet

As Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano departs her post for the fairer climes of the University of California, she leaves behind a government monstrosity that not only is not in better shape than when she arrived, but is teetering on the verge of total collapse. The woman whose husky voice reminded us -- in the Metro, in Walmart, everywhere -- to say something if we see something, has left behind a workplace where the employees have the lowest morale anywhere in government -- despite pay boosts and numerous colorful special recognition awards programs.

In all fairness, it would be wrong to blame only Ms. Napolitano for the fact that most DHS employees would rather get a root canal than go to work. Imagine the humiliation of working for the Transportation Security Administration, for example, where days are spent either irradiating innocent Americans or groping them. Snatching an iPad from someone's bag may give a temporary boost, but in all it is miserable work.
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Obama's Second Term Foreign Policy: A Full Tank or Running on Empty?

At the Ron Paul Institute, our job is to look critically at US foreign policy and point out the disasters of successive interventionist and empire-building administrations. But asked to more clearly define what this Administration is really up to thus far in its second term -- what are its goals, what values does it seek to convey worldwide, what are its motivations -- we often feel at a profound loss.

What does the president want to see happen in Egypt? Syria? What happens next in Afghanistan, Obama's "good war"? Russia re-set?
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Congress to Obama: Punish Iranians!

The House Foreign Affairs Committee plays hide and go seek with Iran's imaginary nuclear weapons programs this week, demonstrating the utter futility in hoping for any sort of foreign policy intelligence coming from the "People's Branch" of government. As Professor Rozeff points out in a recent LRC blog post, all but one member of the House Foreign Relations Committee signed a letter "urging President Obama to increase the pressure on Iran to dismantle its nuclear weapons programs."
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Father Francois Murad Beheaded By US-Allies in Syria

Thanks to RPI contributor Pat Lang for putting a face to the victim of the US-backed Syrian rebels' latest ghastly atrocity. Father Francois Murad was a Franciscan priest who had been in hiding since the monastery he was building in Syria came under attack from the US-allied rebels. Accused of collaborating with the Syrian government, Father Murad was beheaded with what appears a small kitchen knife, as his attackers yelled "Allah Akbar."
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Obama's Syrian Allies

The Washington Times is reporting that the US shift in favor of overtly arming the Syrian rebels was celebrated by the rebels with an orgy of innocent blood. According to the Times, a Christian priest and another Christian believer were beheaded by the US-allied radicals after claiming that the two Christians were siding with Syrian president Bashar Assad.

Writes the Times:
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