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Adam Dick

Ron Paul Predicts Voters Will Be Drawn to Trump and Clinton, Not Libertarian Candidate

As a guest Tuesday on the CNBC show Futures Now, Ron Paul predicted that American voters, “as we get closer to the election,” will be motivated by “who they hate the most” to make a choice between the Republican and Democratic presidential nominees instead of choosing the Libertarian Party alternative. Paul, who notes that he has been through this process himself as the 1988 Libertarian nominee, also says that this year’s Libertarian presidential ticket is presenting itself with “mostly Republican viewpoints” instead a message that would really appeal to people contemplating voting third party.
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Ron Paul Speaks Up for Individual Rights on C-SPAN’s Washington Journal

In the last three minutes of his 45-minute Tuesday interview on the C-SPAN Washington Journal call-in show, Ron Paul Institute Chairman Ron Paul made a brief and resolute statement regarding individual rights. The statement underlies much of Paul’s discussion during the program of matters ranging from the United States governments’ foreign interventions to the Federal Reserve to search and seizure abuses.
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Ron Paul: Second Party Needed to Counter Republican and Democrat Warmongers

Speaking earlier this month with host John Stossel on Fox Business, former United States House of Representatives Member and presidential candidate Ron Paul said that Americans need a second party rather than a third party. Paul elaborates that the Republicans and Democrats in charge “work together all the time” as if they are in one party instead of two. Focusing on foreign policy, Paul points to the coalition of “hawkish Democrats and also neocon Republicans” in favor of war as an example of the effective one-party system.
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No, There Are Not Hundreds of Mass Shootings Each Year in America

On the heels of the mass shooting in Orlando, Florida early Sunday morning, the media reports are coming out again of there being hundreds of mass shootings a year in America. For example, we have this headline at Vox: “After Sandy Hook we said never again. And then we let 998 mass shootings happen.” But, the truth is that the number of mass shootings in America is much, much less.

That 998 number from Vox amounts to about 23 mass shootings a month — a number that seems ridiculous. Indeed, it is ridiculous.
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Judge Andrew Napolitano’s Freedom Watch is Back

In 2009, Fox News Senior Judicial Analyst and former New Jersey state Judge Andrew Napolitano launched on the internet his interview and commentary show Freedom Watch. The next year, Napolitano’s show of the same name began a television run on Fox Business. The show’s run ended in 2012.
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