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Adam Dick

Ron Paul: Purported Russian Hack in US Election is Insignificant Compared to What US Does Overseas

“I think it’s politics more than anything else,” says former House of Representatives Member Ron Raul (R-TX) regarding calls for an investigation of purported hacking by the Russian government influencing the United States presidential election. Interviewed Wednesday on Fox Business, Paul continues that, even if Russia did what is alleged, Paul does not think it “made any difference.”
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Ron Paul Rewind: John Birch Society 50th Anniversary Speech

Pema Levy, in a Monday Mother Jones article, wrote that Rep. Mick Mulvaney (R-SC), who President-elect Donald Trump has picked to be director of the Office of Management and Budget, spoke in July at a dinner held by a chapter of the John Birch Society in Mulvaney’s home state. Levy suggests Mulvaney presenting a speech at the dinner should be troubling when she asserts that the John Birch Society “has long been exiled from mainstream conservatism.”

Supposing Levy’s assertion about the John Birch Society is true, is it such a bad thing to be exiled from mainstream conservatism? Many people would claim such a status with pride given all the wars and individual rights violations that have been pursued with the support of many politicians who consider themselves mainstream conservatives.
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Philippines President Duterte Using China Leverage to Strike Better Aid Deal with Donald Trump?

United States foreign aid dollars, and even police training, have been supporting for several months large-scale systematic street executions of supposed drug dealers and users in the Philippines. Now, Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte, who has promoted the escalation of the drug war in the country since his election in the summer, is expressing his dislike for the US government’s Millennium Challenge Corporation postponing a decision on renewal of potentially several hundred million dollars in US aid to the Philippines government in order to review “concerns around rule of law and civil liberties.”
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Donald Trump Meets with Judge Andrew Napolitano Regarding Supreme Court Nomination

Judge Andrew Napolitano, who serves on the Ron Paul Institute Advisory Board in addition to being the senior judicial analyst at Fox News, met for an hour Thursday with President-elect Donald Trump at Trump Tower in New York City. Napolitano related in an interview with Fox Business host Stuart Varney that “the vast bulk of what” Trump and Napolitano “spoke about was the intellectual, ideological, temperamental qualities that [Trump] should seek in a replacement for Justice [Antonin] Scalia” whose place on the court has remained vacant since Scalia died in February.
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Don’t Just Legalize Marijuana, End the Entire Drug War

Voters approving marijuana legalization in four more states on November 8 took another bite out of the drug war in America. Still, in regard to other drugs, the drug war rages on. Also, many state and local governments, as well as the United States government, continue to fight a war on marijuana.
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Rep. Thomas Massie: Judge President Trump on Adherence to Nonaggression Principle

Speaking this week with host Kennedy at Fox Business, US House Member Thomas Massie (R-KY) insisted that Donald Trump’s performance as president should be judged according to whether Trump adheres to the nonaggression principle that Massie describes as “the heart of libertarian principles.” Massie proceeded in the interview to define briefly the nonaggression principle as that “you don’t attack somebody if they don’t attack you.”
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Judge Napolitano on Sanctuary Cities’ Challenge to US Government Power

In a Thursday video commentary at the Fox News website, Judge Andrew Napolitano discusses the relationship between local government powers and United States government powers that will be on display should Donald Trump, as president, seek to deport large numbers of illegal immigrants. If Trump attempts to implement such deportations, intergovernmental conflict would be expected due to resistance by numerous local governments, including the governments of several of the largest population American cities, that have declared themselves sanctuary cities.
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