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Peace and Prosperity

Trump of Afghanistan


Last night, the prez announced that as Caesar of the greatest military empire in the history of the world, he needed to kill more Afghans in an unlimited war. That meant, of course, more US troops to “train” the Afghans.

Defeating the British, Russians, and Americans wasn’t proof they knew what they were doing. So he had to put away such childish things as peace and non-intervention. He hadn’t destroyed enough of the country or spent enough of other people’s money. Besides, he had to kill terrorists. Definition of a terrorist in this context? A guy who dislikes the foreign invaders and occupiers of his country.

Imagine how young armed Americans would react to an alien army – alien in religion, language, culture, history – humiliating and dominating and killing our nation and people. But that’s irrelevant. If the exception empire kills and destroys – and reestablishes the drug trade – it’s all for the best.

Trust him and all his Pentagramese. They’re the best of Americans.

The oppressed and dispossessed Deplorables, who all might as well have a soldier quartered in their house, and an MRAP parked in their garage? Kick ’em to the curb.

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