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Ron Paul: 'State Department's Free Press Hypocrisy'


Ron Paul points out the incredible hypocrisy of the US State Department's big roll out of its "Free the Press" campaign on the very day the US government filed a brief urging the Supreme Court to reject New York Times journalist James Risen's plea that he not be forced to reveal his confidential sources.

Should Risen's plea be rejected, as the US government demands, the journalist faces prison time for refusing to reveal the sources for his article on CIA efforts to undermine Iran's nuclear program.

American journalists face prison for doing their job as the US government pushes press freedom overseas.

As we reported here recently, the State Department is also hypocritical in pushing for a free media overseas while at the same time attacking foreign press outlets that do not follow the State Department line in places like Ukraine and Russia.

Watch Ron Paul on the State Department's hypocrisy here.
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