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State Department Claims Russian Tanks in Ukraine

T 64
Still from YouTube video of T-64 tanks in Ukraine

Seems like it was only yesterday when we wrote about Secretary of State John Kerry's bold public statements on Russian involvement in eastern Ukraine, and then his private pleas to the new Ukrainian president for some evidence -- anything, please! -- to back up his publicly confident claims.

This follows earlier bold claims of photographic proof of Russian involvement that the regime-serving New York Times dutifully reprinted, but then had to shamefully retract after it proved to be yet another State Department deception.

Well they are at it again! And again with no proof. 

Today the State Department spokesperson boldly claimed that the Russians had sent in to eastern Ukraine a "column of three T-64 tanks, several BM-21 'Grad' multiple rocket launchers, and other military vehicles..."

Once bitten, twice shy, The New York Times this time added a qualifier to the bold State Department claims of Russian responsibility:
Reports and images of the weapons circulated on Thursday, but there were conflicting claims about where they had come from.
The State Department again offered no proof. 

It is entirely possible that the State Department and the White House has it right this time, and the Russians are caught red-handed offering military supplies to the anti-Kiev fighters in eastern Ukraine.

But as we are reminded so acutely today, as the Iraq war built on the back of the Bush administration's lies comes completely off the rails, the old "trust but verify" of President Reagan most certainly applies to any agency of US foreign policy. 

And the State Department again offered no proof.

So the big Russian invasion that the Obama administration (and its lackeys like NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen) keeps going on about has finally come to pass in the form of three old junker T-64 tanks rumbling down the road like a convoy of jalopies escaping the US dustbowl circa 1930s?

If the State Department is telling the truth and this is the best the Russians can muster to counter Kiev's proven military viciousness, perhaps the Russian bear is in reality merely a stuffed teddy bear.

Either way, we will take ours with a huge grain of salt...
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