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Judge Napolitano: NSA Intercepting Private Photos 'Blatantly Violates the Constitution'

Judge Andrew Napolitano condemns as a violation of privacy and the United States Constitution the recently revealed US National Security Agency practice of intercepting millions of images each day from communications including emails, text messages, and videoconferences. Napolitano, speaking on Monday with Melissa Francis on Fox Business, says the NSA’s actions blatantly violate the US Constitution and privacy rights.

Napolitano, an RPI Advisory Board member, elaborates:
It shows you the extent to which the government blatantly violates the Constitution and cares nothing for the harm that something like this can cause….

What they do is they take these pictures and they pixilate them so they can turn the picture into a digital product which they can then use to match against other photographs of the same person. Bottom line: There seems to be no depth to which they will not sink in violating our privacy.
Watch the short interview here:

This newly revealed photo snooping project is part of the larger endeavor of the US government, along with state and local governments, to use the mass collection of digital images combined with facial recognition software to track everyone’s daily activities.
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