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We Made It To A Million!

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This week marked a milestone for the Ron Paul Institute's Facebook page. For the first time in our short 15 months of existence we chalked up one million people reached over a one week period! 

This is most certainly due to the several crises in the world today, specifically Ukraine and Gaza. While we are dismayed by the loss of life in these tragedies, we are also very pleased to note that when you see the media in lockstep with the government to provide a united front of propaganda, people from all over turn to the Ron Paul Institute to challenge government lies. 

We are thrilled to have reached so many people from all over the world. Look for the neocon and left-interventionist attacks to start soon. Oh wait...they already have.

Thank all of you for continuing to turn to the Ron Paul Instiute. Please don't forget to sign up for free updates from the Institute. You can also follow us on Twitter. And please continue to support the Institute with a donation if you are able. We cannot do it without you!
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