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Tired of US Spying, Germany? Here's Some Good Advice...


Germany is reeling from ongoing revelations about the extent of the US spying operation against the country, as at least two spies have been uncovered burrowed into German intelligence, the BND. The German government has responded by asking the CIA station chief in Berlin to leave the country. Animosity toward the US government is on the increase among German politicians, who foolishly believed they had a special relationship with the US government that precluded such hostile activities.

German officials concerned about the vulnerability of their electronic communications have been said to be considering turning to typewriters to communicate securely.

As Lew Rockwell writes over at LRC, there are a few more things the Germans can do if they wish to be free of the meddling US government:
Moving to typewriters, or even handwriting, is not proof against American spying. But if you want to strike a blow for freedom, and help German (and American) taxpayers, kick the US occupation forces out of your country. Close the gigantic US military bases, and sell off the buildings and land for productive, private uses. You can hold the airplanes and other weapons until the US returns your gold. Isn’t 69 years of domination by arrogant foreigners enough? Oh, and get out of imperial Nato, too.
Good advice, Lew!
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