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State Spokesperson: 'Our Line is Ridiculous...'

Every time State Department spokespersons proclaim the Department position on critical trouble spots like Ukraine, Syria, Libya, Russia, we have the feeling they are shoveling a line of bovine excrement and well know it. And know we know it. And don't care.

Jen Psaki in particular has demonstrated a great talent for doublespeak, saying one thing and its exact opposite at the same time without missing a beat. 

As it turns out, we are right: State spokespersons know State Department briefings are intended to obfuscate the truth in service of administration policy rather than to inform the American public through the independent and adversarial fourth estate. It's all a big game and both sides know it.

In an alternately hilarious and disturbing recent "hot mic" exchange with AP reporter Matt Lee, Jen Psaki admits that the lines she is forced to deliver regarding the recent acquittal of former Egyptian dictator Hosni Mubarak are "ridiculous."

Catch Jen choking through a mouthful of gobbly-gook the administration cooked up to serve to reporters about Egypt and then listen at 2:00 to hear what she really thinks about it: "The Egypt line is ridiculous," she mutters after being grilled, to the audible and shocked laughter of reporter Matt Lee.

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