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Ron Paul: What the Media Won't Say About the Latest Ft. Hood Tragedy


On his Ron Paul Channel, RPI Chairman Ron Paul comments on the latest tragedy at Ft. Hood military base, where a soldier killed three people before taking his own life. What Ron Paul will tell us that the mainstream media will not, is that the shooter had been treated with enormously dangerous psychotropic drugs prior to the shooting. These drugs have been a factor in many of the school and military shootings, yet the media dares not mention this possible factor.

But the biggest thing the media will not report about these tragedies, says Dr. Paul, is that the tremendous mental health issues that returning Afghan and Iraq war veterans bring home with them is like, as he puts it, a "living death."

Said Dr. Paul:
The wars are supposed to be winding down, but the wars against our veterans are continuing... But in all the discussions of these events, they never talk about the real cause. They talk about the symptom, which is that people get post-traumatic stress disorder and they kill themselves and other people.... 

But there is a more specific cause of this. Just think of how many individuals over the last 15 years would not have suffered death or injury, post-traumatic stress disorders or brain injuries if we didn't go to war unnecessarily!

Why are the people who are really guilty, who lied us into war, not being called to task?
Watch this special commentary from the Ron Paul Channel free here.
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