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Ron Paul: US and IMF Bailout of Ukraine is a Bankers Bailout

Speaking Wednesday on the Ron Paul Channel, RPI Chairman and Founder Ron Paul challenges the United States and International Monetary Fund bailout of Ukraine, calling the bailout “criminal.” Paul explains:

All this nonsense we hear now of bailing out Ukraine -- it’s going to the bankers; it’s going for the politicians; it’s not really even going to help the people in Ukraine. It’s criminal. And yet the people here in this country are going to suffer.
These bailouts are always designed to bail out the banks. They are not designed to help the people -- just like our bailouts were in ’08 and ’09. They were there to bail out the rich, the bankers, and the military industrial complex.

Americans’ suffering comes from the one billion dollars-plus line of credit to Ukraine passed by a voice vote in the US Senate and by a large majority vote in the US House of Representatives. Paul also explains that Americans will suffer from an $18 billion Ukraine bailout announced by the International Monetary Fund, with a bunch of that money coming from the US.

Americans will not be the only people who suffer because of the bailout. The purported beneficiaries will also suffer, says Paul, because the IMF bailout is coupled with IMF imposed policies that will hurt Ukrainians, including by raising taxes, hiking energy prices, and making sure wages do not increase.

Watch Paul’s nine minutes exposition here.

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