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No Evidence? No Problem. Release Youtubes!

As US government whistleblower Thomas Drake Tweeted today, the "US has no evidence in public of scientific samples or intel info proving use of sarin gas or by Syrian gov't."

Reuters reported today that "Direct link between Assad and gas attack elusive for U.S."

In the absence of evidence, what do desperate Capitol Hill warmongers do?

Release Syrian opposition-made Youtube videos to prove the case!

If it sounds like scraping the bottom of the barrel, too foolish to be true, well the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence yesterday actually made a big deal of releasing the 13 Syrian opposition-made Youtube videos that it has been showing to Senators as a substitute for any hard evidence of Syrian President Assad having "gassed his own people."

The videos may well be an accurate depiction of what took place on August 21st, but relying on propaganda videos made by those who have the most to gain should the US intervene in Syria should be a bit hard for any rational person to swallow.

Those pushing war rely on being able to tell the rest of us that the evidence and information is classified and if we could just see it -- sorry we can't -- we would all surely agree with the Administration that war is absolutely necessary. "I can't show you my evidence, but trust me if you saw it you would believe me."

But as US Rep. Justin Amash Tweeted yesterday, this is just another lie and in fact the secret evidence is even more dodgy than Youtube videos. Wrote Amash: "If Americans could read classified docs, they'd be even more against Syria action."

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