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Behind the Saudi Crack-Up

Bandar Putin

RPI Director Daniel McAdams has written an article for RT on the latest Saudi/US split -- what's behind it? What's going on with the Saudis?

Writes McAdams:
It was a great scene even if only apocryphal: There sat Saudi intelligence chief Bandar bin Sultan in Moscow, like Mephistopheles, cooing seductively at President Putin about Russian/Saudi “shared values,” looking to make a deal.

He offered that if only Russia would back away from its support of Assad in Syria, Saudi Arabia would go on a Russian military gear spending spree, Russia would be granted a larger role in Middle Eastern affairs, and even Saudi-controlled jihadists in the Caucuses would be put on a leash for the duration of the Winter Olympic games in Sochi.
Read it all here -- you will laugh, you will cry!
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