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Are Israel And The US Edging Closer To a Divorce?

Israel Palestine Map
Dozens of protesters gathered to condemn US Secretary of State John Kerry Sunday at Jerusalem’s US Consulate for remarks he made Thursday about the prospect of a third intifada due to Israeli intransigence, which they said resulted in the Friday firebombing of a car in Judea. ...

“We need to understand that what Kerry said on Thursday should disqualify him as a mediator for the peace process,” [Elie Pieprz, director of external affairs of the YESHA Council] said.

Jerusalem Post, 11/10/13
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu seems frustrated to find that the Americans are harder to push than he famously once said. His Saudi crypto-allies appear to feel the same way. 

"... what Kerry said on Thursday should disqualify him as a mediator for the peace process."

Interesting.  These same Zionist types did not seem to mind at all when the openly Zionist Dennis Ross served their interest in his belief that the Israelis are "his people."

Netanyahu and his various allies in the US media (Andrea Mitchell, Chuck Todd, Ricard Engel, etc.) are busy encouraging congressional resistance to US foreign policy with regard to Iran, Syria and Palestine. 

The basic problem for the Israelis is the present unwillingness of most Americans to sacrifice their own interests for those of Israel. This, of course does not apply to Israel's bought and paid for agents among the members of the Senate and House of Representatives.  Nothing could ever be too much for them. 

Israel's trip to the "hurt locker" is approaching.

Reprinted with permission.
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