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Judge Napolitano Applauds, Explains NSA Ruling

Andrew Napolitano

As usual, Judge Andrew Napolitano, an RPI Advisory Board Member, explains clearly and eloquently the real importance of US District Court Judge Richard Leon's ruling that the NSA's massive data collection program aimed at Americans may be unconstitutional.

Napolitano noted that the second most important thing -- after the ruling itself -- in Judge Leon's opinion which also found its way into the President's own panel looking into NSA activities is:
They have not been able to demonstrate how this has worked -- how it has stopped a terrorist plot. General Alexander originally said under oath we stopped 52 plots next day he corrected himself  to "three." When asked what three he couldn't answer.... The five of them (the President's panel) agreed that this program has not kept us safer. All it has done is stripped us of our basic, Constitutionally protected liberties.
Watch the short but extremely informative clip of the Judge here.
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