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Joe Lieberman: The US Constitution 'Aids our Enemies'

Former Senator Joseph Lieberman has decided to put in his valued commentary on President Obama's handling of Syria. According to the former Senator, "our enemies are cheering" because Obama decided to seek congressional approval rather than just going ahead and bombing Syria. Like Peter King, John McCain, and Jennifer Rubin before him, Lieberman has utter contempt for the Constitution, the rule of law, and the separations of power. 

But Lieberman goes even further than the others, in suggesting that adhering to the Constitution is to aid "the enemy" (presumably his enemies are Assad, the Iranians, and especially Putin, and not the al-Qaeda terrorists murdering Christians in Syria).
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John 'Torture Memo' Yoo is Sick of Laws That Limit War

Neocon John Yoo -- you know, the guy who tortured the English language to pave the way for Bush to continue torturing people --  has had enough of messing around with laws and constitutions:
It is time for the United States to stop hiding behind such obsolete, formalistic views of the laws of war and embrace a pragmatic approach in keeping with long American practice.
Such is the mentality of unlimited power. If the war machine wants something, the war machine gets it! Now is not the time to bring up that parchment paper with the law of the land written on it; especially not after all these years of breaking and ignoring it!
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Now That Syria Door is Open, Neo Cons Marching In

Now that President Obama has officially opened the Syrian door, neocons are tripping over themselves to pile in and deepen the US commitment.
For the neocon warmonger, the toughest battle is getting that initial opening. Neocons have been persistently aggressive during the entirety of the Syrian conflict, and have said whatever was necessary to get Obama to overtly commit.

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McCain Spends Memorial Day with Al-Qaeda Allies

Senator John McCain snuck into Syria this Memorial Day to spend the day with the terrorist-affiliated Free Syrian Army, in violation of both Syrian Law and likely of international law. While meeting with the Syrian insurgents and FSA Commander, Gen. Salem Idris, McCain likely assured his allies that it was only a matter of time before the US began overtly transferring the weapons it is currently facilitating covertly.

Gen. Idriss is the conduit for hundreds of millions of dollars in US aid, and untold millions in covert CIA and US Special Forces assistance. He swears he does not cooperate with the terrorist-designated Al-Nusra Front, but to keep appearances he coordinates only with the Al-Nusra-allied Arhar al Sham.
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