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Lieberman: 'Attack Assad AND ISIS!'

Joe Lieberman finds no reason to keep up the facade of the backdoor-to-war with Syria. He flat out said on Face The Nation Sunday: “We should attack Assad and fight ISIS.”

The neocons, who were rebuked by the American public when Obama initially wanted to attack Syria, are back in the saddle. A couple of ISIS YouTube videos and it’s back to war with Assad -- who also happens to be at war with ISIS!
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Max Boots On The Ground

The neocons have a jackboot in the door and they are commencing to kick it in. After they relentlessly hectored President Obama for last week admitting he does not have a strategy to deal with ISIS, the president this week decided to triangulate. Not a single US boot on the ground, he solemnly promised (though we already have 1,000), but he would bomb ISIS to smithereens wherever they might hide. Everywhere!

Syrian sovereignty? Illegitimate! Why? Because we say so! Bomb them! Syrian "moderates" cooperate with ISIS? Who cares! Arm them!

Obama's models of success? The multi-year US bombing of Yemen and Somalia, which has left both countries a gnat's hair above the post-apocalyptic hell of Obama's last "humanitarian intervention," Libya...
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'Bomb Syria...For Ukraine's Sake!'

Anna-Marie Slaughter demonstrates that you need not scratch a "humanitarian interventionist" much to uncover the warmongering neoconservative just below the surface. 

In an essay today, titled, "Stopping Russia Starts in Syria," she argues that "the solution to the crisis in Ukraine lies in part in Syria." President Obama must "demonstrate that he can order the offensive use of force in circumstances other than secret drone attacks or covert operations," she writes. 

Translation: to get Putin back for his supposed actions in Ukraine, Slaughter calls for President Obama to bomb Syria.
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Washington Institute: 'Let's Bomb Syria'

After the careful and reasoned consideration usually given to foreign affairs by the neocons, the AIPAC-founded Washington Institute for Near Policy (WINEP) has come to a conclusion: we need to bomb Syria. In an article titled, "A New Approach to the Syria Crisis," the neocons at WINEP offer not only a very old approach to the crisis, but actually their only approach to any crisis: bombs away!

The author, former US ambassador to Iraq James Jeffrey (2010-2012 -- heckuva job!), is listed as the "Philip Solondz distinguished visiting fellow...[focusing] on U.S. strategies to counter Iran's efforts to expand its influence in the broader Middle East."

In English, that translates to "here's lots of money to argue for a US attack on Iran."
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Michael Ledeen: Enough Talk Already...Ramp up The War Machine!

The military empire is no different than any other bureaucracy. Whereas in the private sector, failure means that you go out of business; government failure means the exact opposite. When the bureaucrats fail, it’s an excuse for bigger budgets, and expansion of the failures.

Neocon Michael Ledeen continues in that tradition, and unsurprisingly want’s less talking with other countries, and more bomb dropping.
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Max Boot Deflates

Let’s go back to the beginning of September, when war fever was sweeping the U.S., and when Nobel Peace Prize winner President Obama was about to attack Syria. The hysterics coming forth from the neocons were a sight to see. They were about to get yet another war.
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McCain's Moderates Join Al-Qaeda

Senator John McCain was just sure he could pick moderates in Syria worth supporting. To prove his point he made a trip to Syria this spring to demonstrate how much the insurgents were just like us, struggling for democracy and equal rights for all.

But his trip was organized by the Syria Emergency Task Force's Mouaz Moustafa, who not long ago headed up the Libyan Council of North America. Both organizations are partly funded by the US State Department through a mirrored wilderness of NGO cutouts. But both have close ties to extremists fighting in each country. (In Libya, for example, Mustafa was with the people who killed US ambassador Stevens.) In McCain's case, the "moderates" he met and was so attracted to in Syria tunred out to be kidnappers and thugs.
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Russia Will Not Stop Jeffrey Goldberg

The lust for constant war is an itch that neocons always have to scratch. American bombs must be dropping somewhere. There is always an imaginary Hitler that needs to be squashed.

When the bombs aren’t dropping, neocons get very anxious and impatient. They’re like a five year old who can’t sit still. The only thing worse for a neocon is getting extremely close to unleashing the dogs of war (like attacking Syria) and then have it taken away. That leads to lots of kicking and screaming.
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Peter Wehner Feels the Antiwar Heat

Neocon Peter Wehner is a bit wobbly from the extremely strong anti-war sentiment of the American public. He writes:
For the United States to go to war with around a quarter of the nation supporting intervention–even before the bombing has started–is a very dicey and unsettling proposition.
Wehner feels that if Obama attacks Syria despite Congress, and things go badly as a result, it will only strengthen the non-interventionists.
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Should We Really Listen to Petraeus on Syria?

Remember General David Petraeus? The guy who claimed that as soon as his brilliant comprehensive counterinsurgency strategy (COIN) was implemented in Afghanistan the US would emerge victorious? The "maverick savior of Iraq" as he was christened by neocon historian Viktor David Hanson?

Anyone notice how Iraq and Afghanistan are doing these days? As TAC's Kelley Vlahos noticed recently, the once feverish pro-COIN blogs -- then giddy with the discovery of new ways to remake the world -- are "now-sluggish."

After two colossal failures, Petraeus has crawled out from under his rock of shame to again take up the cause of war-promotion. Heartily endorsing President Obama's request for authorization to use force on Syria, Patraeus betrays the real prize in the sights of the Syria war-promoters: Iran.

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