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Antiwar Progressives Mugged By Neocon Smear Brigade

Libertarian non-interventionists are attacked by neocons as a matter of course. It’s expected and we’re used to the malicious distortions that are routinely cast our way.

Well, leftist progressives, should they step out-of-line from what the war machine considers acceptable, are not immune either. The neocon smear dogs are just as malicious.
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The Mask Slips: 'Libertarians' Call for Pre-Emptive War

Neocon Watch readers may remember Eglė Markevičiūtė. She is the Lithuanian member of the International Executive Board of the Students for Liberty (SFL) who co-wrote, with SFL president Alexander McCobin, an embarrassingly error-riddled attack on Ron Paul over his opposition to US intervention in Ukraine. She is also part of the Young Voices network, which has been recognized for its work by the National Endowment for Democracy, the US government funded regime change organization.

Well Markevičiūtė is back and the mask has dropped. In a recent Daily Caller article, titled, appropriately enough, "Military intervention is the only solution to Russia’s aggression," she calls for the US to launch a pre-emptive war against Russia. She is sick of the US refusal to fight Ukraine's battles and her own. "The Western world’s lack of military action only encourages Putin’s regime," she pouts, channeling her inner Jennifer Rubin.
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Forbes Magazine's Doomsday Preacher

Like a fanatical preacher, who keeps moving ahead his prediction of the end of the world as each new date comes and passes, Forbes magazine's Paul Roderick Gregory has worked himself into a lather screaming that the Russian military invasion of Ukraine is imminent! It's coming! It's already taking place! 

Ukrainian defense analysts and coup-appointed military leaders in Kiev (no conflict of interest there?) are reporting on the invasion, War of the Worlds-style, and Gregory is there, his fingers burning up the keyboard, to dutifully report.
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Is Helsinki Burning?

It is not always necessary to click on the latest press release from the neocon dynamic duo, McCain and Graham, to get a sample of the most outré pronouncements. Sometimes the most outlandish and warmongering "analyses" can be found in the strangest places.

Take the CATO Institute's Andrej Illarionov, for example. Wrongly billed as "Putin's closest advisor," Illiaronov has nothing to do with the current Russian government. He resigned as an economic advisor after a report in the US-government financed Freedom House convinced him that Russia was no longer a free country. He somehow makes a living continuing to ascribe all manner of hysterical motives and aspirations to the Russian government, with no one going back to fact-check his analytical accuracy.
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McCain: Why Aren't We At War Already?

Sen. John McCain is furious with President Obama. Even though the president's bellicosity over a relatively insignificant piece of land more than 5,000 miles away threatens not only our terminally ill economy but actually threatens World War III, McCain still views the president as weak and accommodating. We should be at war already, dammit!

At least an overt proxy war, that is.
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McCain: ‘It’s Tragic’ There’s No U.S. Military Option In Ukraine

If the US/EU backed overthrow of the Ukrainian government last month had a face, that face would be Sen. John McCain (R-AZ). McCain is the "Energizer Bunny" of US interventionism: wherever there is a government to subvert, a regime to change, chaos to foment, there you will find McCain in its midst.

He snuck into Syria to highlight the dominance of moderates that the US should support. But the world is now interconnected and soon it was known that McCain's moderates in Syria were in fact radicals and kidnappers. He snuck into Libya to receive an award from the military the same day Sharia law was approved.

But these are small potatoes. Russia has always been the prize for McCain. His International Republican Institute (IRI), a Cold War relic funded by US taxpayers, routinely funded subversive NGOs in Russia to undermine the political system.
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Russia Will Not Stop Jeffrey Goldberg

The lust for constant war is an itch that neocons always have to scratch. American bombs must be dropping somewhere. There is always an imaginary Hitler that needs to be squashed.

When the bombs aren’t dropping, neocons get very anxious and impatient. They’re like a five year old who can’t sit still. The only thing worse for a neocon is getting extremely close to unleashing the dogs of war (like attacking Syria) and then have it taken away. That leads to lots of kicking and screaming.
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