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Ron Paul: Neocon Krauthammer Wrong on Russia/China Trade Deal

On the Ron Paul Channel, Dr. Paul reviews a recent article by neoconservative writer Charles Krauthammer, in which Krauthammer expresses his great fear that US "influence" is on the decline after a $400 billion trade deal between Russia and China was signed last month. 

"It's almost as if he is terrified that peace may be breaking out," said Dr. Paul

The neocons believe that the US bullying the rest of the world is very good, said Dr. Paul, because we have to spread American exceptionalism around the world. We don't want to look like we are a weak nation.

But that approach to the world is not strength, Paul says. It is actually a sign of insecurity and inferiority that the US government feels compelled to either buy its friends or bomb those who refuse the US bribes.
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Did Students for Liberty Leader Really Attack Ron Paul?


How unfortunate that Alexander McCobin, president of Students for Liberty (SFL), decided to write an attack piece on Ron Paul's non-interventionism while echoing neocon warmongering over the recent referendum held in Crimea. It seems quite a strange move for an organization founded to capitalize on Ron Paul's groundbreaking 2008 run for the presidency, which brought in masses of young people electrified by Dr. Paul's message of peace and prosperity.

Why would McCobin want to alienate rank and file Students for Liberty members, who overwhelmingly support Ron Paul? It's not smart to alienate your base. No wonder his organization quickly took to Twitter to back down from his screed, explaining that, "This is just a statement by individuals -- SFL doesn't have an official stance on foreign policy."

What is particularly ironic about McCobin's lecture to Ron Paul on Crimea is that his bill of particulars is so riddled with analytical and factual errors that it actually argues quite eloquently for the opposite of what was intended. In other words his deeply flawed battle cry actually makes Dr. Paul's case for non-interventionism. If you do not understand what is going on overseas, you should refrain from telling the people there what to do.
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'Non-Neocon' Cal Thomas Attacks Ron Paul's 'Isolationism'

Cal Thomas is a survivor. "America's most widely syndicated op-ed columnist" understands that to go against the rising tide of opinion in the US is to say goodbye to an enormously lucrative paycheck for relatively little work. 

The question Thomas struggles with is how to continue to push a neocon agenda in US foreign policy while not alienating the majority of Americans who have clearly stated their preference for Ron Paul's foreign policy of non-interventionism.

The answer, he has concluded, is simply to lie.
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Jennifer Rubin Botches Ron Paul's Position on Israel

Neocon commissar, Jennifer Rubin, writes:
You see, just about every pol except [Rand] Paul’s father would say Israel is a great friend, and we need to stand by our closest ally in the region.
Before we get to the big error, let’s knock out the initial sloppiness first. Ron Paul is no longer a politician, or “pol”. Rubin may feel like Ron Paul is still in politics, since the neocons must now constantly battle the ideas of non-interventionism, but Ron Paul himself has left for bigger and better things.
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The Free Beacon Is Lucky Ron Paul Is No Longer In Congress

Congressman, Brad Schneider (D-IL), was in the process of introducing a bill in the House that sought to delay a new round of sanctions on Iran. That is, until the neocon Free Beacon caught wind of it.

How dare Schneider suggest waiting a measly four months before increasing sanctions?

Following the Free Beacon’s story, Schneider shelved the bill. He then “organized an impromptu conference Tuesday evening to explain to pro-Israel leaders why he authored a bill that could delay a new round of Iran sanctions…”
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