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Watch Your Wallets! Jonathan Tobin Is Concerned About Losing Egypt

Jonathan Tobin who says that “there is more to democracy than voting”, and who also supported the military coup in Egypt, is pleased with the results on the one hand, yet concerned on the other.

You see, the ousted (and democratically elected) Muslim Brotherhood had to go according to Tobin. He said that “the Brotherhood was able to win elections because it was the only truly organized mass party in the country.” Oh boy! That’s like cheating! Perhaps the unorganized should have won the election?
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Sen. Menendez's Bull In A China Shop Negotiating Style

We all know that deep the heart of every neocon, they really don’t like “talks” with Iran. A peaceful resolution may come from such talks, and that’ll just set back the ultimate goal of accomplishing “regime change” in the country. If “the nuclear issue” is removed from the table peacefully, a major excuse for pre-emptive war against Iran would go right down the drain.

Those of us who correctly advocate a non-interventionist U.S. foreign policy say that it’s none of the U.S. government’s business how other governments go about defending themselves. However, since the U.S. government does not listen too much (yet) to us non-interventionists, the next best thing that we can call for is for peaceful negotiations instead of another reckless and unnecessary war.
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Fickle Jonathan Tobin on Israel Attacking Iran on Its Own

Jonathan Tobin goes back and forth on whether Israel should attack Iran on its own. You see, neocons get very anxious when diplomacy is at hand. Diplomacy can end up with a peaceful resolution, and that’s like handing a neocon a piece of kryptonite.

So, instead of writing commentaries on the prospect of peace, neocons occupy themselves by pontificating about war.
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Michael Ledeen: Enough Talk Already...Ramp up The War Machine!

The military empire is no different than any other bureaucracy. Whereas in the private sector, failure means that you go out of business; government failure means the exact opposite. When the bureaucrats fail, it’s an excuse for bigger budgets, and expansion of the failures.

Neocon Michael Ledeen continues in that tradition, and unsurprisingly want’s less talking with other countries, and more bomb dropping.
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It's Always Munich


The P5+1 negotiations in Geneva have been fascinating thus far. Iran came to the table well-prepared and determined to make a deal, presenting a complex and reasonable proposal. Iran is reportedly prepared to accept more thorough inspections of its nuclear facilities and some limits on how much and to what level it will enrich uranium. In exchange, Iran requests a loosening of US-imposed international sanctions and recognition of its right to enrich uranium.

Considering the fact that under the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty Iran has the right to enrich for peaceful purposes as much uranium as it wishes, acknowledgement of what is already in the treaty is hardly an excessive demand in the Iranian side.

Nevertheless, the neocons are having a collective nervous breakdown at the possibility -- still uncertain -- that the US/Iran impasse might be solved without the use of US firepower.
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We Have Confused Victor Davis Hanson

Victor Davis Hanson sees non-interventionist ideas a growing trend in the US. He describes this below:
In the immediate future, I do not think the United States will be intervening abroad on the ground — not in the Middle East or, for that matter, many places in other parts of the world. The reason is not just a new Republican isolationism, or the strange but growing alliance between left-wing pacifists and right-wing libertarians.

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Max Boot Deflates

Let’s go back to the beginning of September, when war fever was sweeping the U.S., and when Nobel Peace Prize winner President Obama was about to attack Syria. The hysterics coming forth from the neocons were a sight to see. They were about to get yet another war.
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War Weary? Who Do You Think You Are?

Neocons have had a tough couple of weeks. First, the British government voted against attacking Syria. Then the American public smacked down the President. Finally, the coup de gras was delivered by Russia (a favorite bogeyman of the warmongering set) who thwarted an attack by acting as peacemaker. 

If that wasn’t bad enough, Vladimir Putin then eloquently lectured the U.S. Empire with an op-ed in The New York Times. For once, it is the neocons who are lying on their backs like frightened turtles.

As a result of this beating, no one should be surprised to see some neocons lash out in anger. That’s exactly what Eliot Cohen provided in the war hungry Washington Post this week.
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