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McCain: Why Aren't We At War Already?

Sen. John McCain is furious with President Obama. Even though the president's bellicosity over a relatively insignificant piece of land more than 5,000 miles away threatens not only our terminally ill economy but actually threatens World War III, McCain still views the president as weak and accommodating. We should be at war already, dammit!

At least an overt proxy war, that is.
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McCain: ‘It’s Tragic’ There’s No U.S. Military Option In Ukraine

If the US/EU backed overthrow of the Ukrainian government last month had a face, that face would be Sen. John McCain (R-AZ). McCain is the "Energizer Bunny" of US interventionism: wherever there is a government to subvert, a regime to change, chaos to foment, there you will find McCain in its midst.

He snuck into Syria to highlight the dominance of moderates that the US should support. But the world is now interconnected and soon it was known that McCain's moderates in Syria were in fact radicals and kidnappers. He snuck into Libya to receive an award from the military the same day Sharia law was approved.

But these are small potatoes. Russia has always been the prize for McCain. His International Republican Institute (IRI), a Cold War relic funded by US taxpayers, routinely funded subversive NGOs in Russia to undermine the political system.
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Jennifer Rubin's Obsession With An Israeli Attack On Iran

Neocon commissar, Jennifer Rubin, is one of the loudest voices in calling for Iran to be turned into a parking lot. She doesn’t put all her eggs (i.e., bombs) in one basket either. If the U.S. doesn’t take the lead in the destruction, she has a backup plan: the Israeli military. Watch her obsession unfold over time:
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Hardcore Warmongers Beat Up On Samantha Power

There are neocon warmongers, and “humanitarian” warmongers. They’re virtually the same, with the “humanitarians” presenting a slightly different facade.

Hardcore neocon warmongers believe that the U.S. should be attacking at all times. No need to sugarcoat. America is “exceptional”, and that is justification enough for any and all war. “Humanitarian” warmongers provide a sugarcoat. America is “exceptional” in their eyes as well, but the “humanitarians” seek to apply a veneer of “morality” in order to justify U.S. aggression.

Obviously, U.S. aggression can never be “humanitarian” or “moral”. And it’s not even close to being lawful or constitutional. Neither the neocon nor the humanitarian warmongers pay any attention to the latter. So they are, in every important way, fellow travellers in the Empire’s quest to conquer the world.
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Krauthammer Agrees with Paul on Obama’s NSA Reform Speech — Sort Of

Columnist Charles Krauthammer says he agrees with RPI Chairman and Founder Ron Paul  — "the ACLU and Ron Paul are right" — that President Barack Obama’s mass spying reform speech Friday is “90-percent smoke and mirrors and very little substantive change.” The catch is that Krauthammer, speaking in a Fox News panel, proceeds to explain that he approves the bamboozling, saying it is “what we need.”
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Charles Krauthammer Demands Sincerity From A War President

Neocon warmonger Charles Krauthammer is up in arms, furiously attacking President Obama’s sincerity in conducting the war in Afghanistan. Krauthammer starts by quoting the just released book from former Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates:
By early 2011, writes former defense secretary Robert Gates, he had concluded that President Obama 'doesn’t believe in his own [Afghanistan] strategy, and doesn’t consider the war to be his.'
Of course, Krauthammer was not surprised by Gates’ revelation and Obama’s supposed weakness.
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Jennifer Rubin: We Won The Iraq War!

Reality never seems to phase neocon commissar, Jennifer Rubin. Last year marked 10 years since the dreaded US invasion of Iraq, and most of her fellow neocons had the sense to keep a low profile. Even they knew not to draw attention to such an abysmal failure.

But not Rubin! She was perplexed, and ready to deny reality like a good trooper. Why were her fellow gang members so reticent? ''Where are the Iraq War Defenders?' went the headline...
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