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'We Are With You...Here Are The Missiles'

Though in the limited time left before Congress adjourns for August break it seemed doubtful an emergency aid package to re-arm Israel could pass, it appears the Senate is not as moribund on some issues as others.

As PBS reported:
The Senate on Friday rushed through a $225 million bill to replenish Israel’s missile defense system, and House approval was expected in the final hours before lawmakers began a summer break.
Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK) had blocked the quarter billion dollar supplemental gift to Israel previously, but when he was provided a menu of other programs that could be cut to make way for additional military aid to Israel he dropped his objections paving the way for the package to pass.
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Michael Ledeen Wants 'Us' to 'Destroy Radical Islamism'

Michael Ledeen wants a new American war on “radical Islamism”. This is the man who in his efforts to get the U.S. to attack Iraq wrote in 2002:
He [Brent Scowcroft] fears that if we attack Iraq ‘I think we could have an explosion in the Middle East. It could turn the whole region into a cauldron and destroy the War on Terror.’

One can only hope that we turn the region into a cauldron, and faster, please. If ever there were a region that richly deserved being cauldronized, it is the Middle East today. If we wage the war effectively, we will bring down the terror regimes in Iraq, Iran, and Syria, and either bring down the Saudi monarchy or force it to abandon its global assembly line to indoctrinate young terrorists. That’s our mission in the war against terror.

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William Kristol: Israel-Hater

Not feeling at all chastened over his role in pushing the US into war in Iraq based on his lies and those of his neoconservative allies, William Kristol has now taken to the pages of his Weekly Standard to peddle more lies to push Israel into a war of its own. Kristol, whose teeth you can literally hear gnashing in his latest furious missive, is desperately egging Israel on to attack Iran and thereby unleash what will no doubt be mass mayhem and carnage throughout the region, including on Israel itself.

What is driving Kristol mad is that the P5+1 talks with Iran suddenly hold some promise of an agreement being reached this weekend. Foreign ministers from Russia, China, the UK, and elsewhere are flying in to Geneva in anticipation. Kristol suddenly finds himself trapped in a bunker with nothing but a loaded gun of lies and hyperbole -- and he is trigger-happy.
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Jennifer Rubin Botches Ron Paul's Position on Israel

Neocon commissar, Jennifer Rubin, writes:
You see, just about every pol except [Rand] Paul’s father would say Israel is a great friend, and we need to stand by our closest ally in the region.
Before we get to the big error, let’s knock out the initial sloppiness first. Ron Paul is no longer a politician, or “pol”. Rubin may feel like Ron Paul is still in politics, since the neocons must now constantly battle the ideas of non-interventionism, but Ron Paul himself has left for bigger and better things.
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