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Lieberman: 'Attack Assad AND ISIS!'

Joe Lieberman finds no reason to keep up the facade of the backdoor-to-war with Syria. He flat out said on Face The Nation Sunday: “We should attack Assad and fight ISIS.”

The neocons, who were rebuked by the American public when Obama initially wanted to attack Syria, are back in the saddle. A couple of ISIS YouTube videos and it’s back to war with Assad -- who also happens to be at war with ISIS!
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Max Boots On The Ground

The neocons have a jackboot in the door and they are commencing to kick it in. After they relentlessly hectored President Obama for last week admitting he does not have a strategy to deal with ISIS, the president this week decided to triangulate. Not a single US boot on the ground, he solemnly promised (though we already have 1,000), but he would bomb ISIS to smithereens wherever they might hide. Everywhere!

Syrian sovereignty? Illegitimate! Why? Because we say so! Bomb them! Syrian "moderates" cooperate with ISIS? Who cares! Arm them!

Obama's models of success? The multi-year US bombing of Yemen and Somalia, which has left both countries a gnat's hair above the post-apocalyptic hell of Obama's last "humanitarian intervention," Libya...
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