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Neocons Seek 'Control' in Egypt

Neocons swindle their constituents into believing that they want to spread American values throughout the world. They talk about things like “bringing stability,” yet only chaos has followed neocon-prescribed international interventions.

The cold hard truth is that what neocons really want is control. Everything else is just commentary.
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How Dare The Iranians Elect a Moderate?

Last week the US House voted 400-20 to dramatically increase sanctions on Iran, including measures to cripple Iran’s oil exports. Two days ago three-fourths of the US Senate sent a letter to President Obama demanding that the US “toughen sanctions and reinforce the credibility of our option to use military force” against Iran. Ominously, the Senate warned the president that the “time for diplomacy is nearing its end,” demanding a “convincing threat of the use of force that Iran will believe.”
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Neocon Jonathan Tobin Examines Our DNA

The current political chaos in Egypt provides a picture perfect example of how convoluted is U.S. foreign policy.

Egypt shows how U.S. interventionism in the affairs of foreign nations leads to nothing but trouble, and backs the U.S. into a corner where no matter what it does (besides letting Egypt take care of its own business) will only make the situation worse.
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Jennifer Rubin’s Panic Attack

The Guardian’s Glenn Greenwald has a piece out this week that covers the big shift taking place in major public opinion against NSA surveillance. For the first time since 9/11, Americans are starting to get concerned about what has been going on under the radar.

This is a tough pill for neocons to swallow. Demagoguery and keeping public opinion in line are always at the top of their “to do” list. If the public gets squeamish, it could turn out to be the first domino to fall in the direction of (heaven forbid in their eyes) peace.
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Sen. Graham Pounds His Shoe at Russia

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) is furious that Moscow will not deliver NSA leaker Edward Snowden to the US to face treason and espionage charges. Graham no doubt misses the irony that what Snowden revealed was that the US government has been operating like the old Soviet Union and East Germany rolled into one and given a heavy dose of steroids.

Graham demands punishment for behavior that, had it been 25 years ago and a Soviet dissident rather than an American whistleblower, he likely would have praised. Well, maybe...
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Anthony Cordesman: 'Let's Be Heroes in Error on Syria!'

It is probably not completely fair to label establishmentarian "serious thinker" Anthony Cordesman a neocon, though his entire career has been more or less spent in their service, including as John McCain's national security aide. But here at Neocon Watch we have to judge the man (or woman) by the words they utter. And Cordesman unleashed a whopper this morning in the Washington Post.
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Lindsey Graham: Boycott the Soviets Again!

Q: Why couldn't Lindsey Graham find Russia on the map?
A: He'd be too confused looking for the Soviet Union

Neocon prince Lindsey Graham has decided to really hit the Soviets, er, Russians where it hurts. Although he no doubt dreams about bombs -- or at least sanctions -- to bring those stubborn Russians back in line, he has had to set his sights rather lower. In his hyperventilated desperation to punish Russia for not sending NSA leaker Edward Snowden back to face life in the American gulag system (another irony) he wants to go back to 1979 and boycott the Soviet Olympics!
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What Drives Jennifer Rubin Crazy? Iran Not Yet A Parking Lot

Neocon political commissar Jennifer Rubin is throwing a fit that the U.S. just won’t attack Iran already! In her mind, the Israelis are on the right page and the  U.S. is hopeless. She writes:
The Israelis, not without justification, fear the Obama administration is so desperate to avoid a decision on military action that it will engage in endless, useless diplomacy or that it will reach a meaningless agreement that gives Iran cover to continue on its merry way toward nuclear weapons capability.
Rubin obviously has an extravagant animus towards diplomacy. But one must wonder what diplomacy she’s even referring to.
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Meet the Resnicks

Ever wonder about those tens of millions of dollars that go to fund the network of shrill neo-con think-tanks pushing for ever more sanctions on Iran? Just good Americans concerned about US national security and the threat of a nuclear-armed Iran? Patriotic citizens passionately engaged over the dangers Israel might face should Iran be given an inch of maneuver room in the world's economic system?

Or corrupt American oligarchs who use their billions to gin up fear and paranoia so that they can make ever-more billions off of US sanctions?
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