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Should We Really Listen to Petraeus on Syria?

Remember General David Petraeus? The guy who claimed that as soon as his brilliant comprehensive counterinsurgency strategy (COIN) was implemented in Afghanistan the US would emerge victorious? The "maverick savior of Iraq" as he was christened by neocon historian Viktor David Hanson?

Anyone notice how Iraq and Afghanistan are doing these days? As TAC's Kelley Vlahos noticed recently, the once feverish pro-COIN blogs -- then giddy with the discovery of new ways to remake the world -- are "now-sluggish."

After two colossal failures, Petraeus has crawled out from under his rock of shame to again take up the cause of war-promotion. Heartily endorsing President Obama's request for authorization to use force on Syria, Patraeus betrays the real prize in the sights of the Syria war-promoters: Iran.

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Michael Gerson Wants War and an Imperial President

Neocon Michael Gerson, the guy who is credited with penning the "smoking gun/mushroom cloud" lie line that helped enable the Iraq war,  is afraid that Congress might strike down Obama’s despicable rush to war in Syria:

A limited military strike may be symbolic. But for Congress to block that strike would be more than symbolic. It would undermine a tangible element of American influence: the perception that the commander in chief is fully in command.

Separation of powers? Gerson either never heard of it, or more likely could care less about it. An iron-fisted commander in chief must “fully” run the show.

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Joe Lieberman: The US Constitution 'Aids our Enemies'

Former Senator Joseph Lieberman has decided to put in his valued commentary on President Obama's handling of Syria. According to the former Senator, "our enemies are cheering" because Obama decided to seek congressional approval rather than just going ahead and bombing Syria. Like Peter King, John McCain, and Jennifer Rubin before him, Lieberman has utter contempt for the Constitution, the rule of law, and the separations of power. 

But Lieberman goes even further than the others, in suggesting that adhering to the Constitution is to aid "the enemy" (presumably his enemies are Assad, the Iranians, and especially Putin, and not the al-Qaeda terrorists murdering Christians in Syria).
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John 'Torture Memo' Yoo is Sick of Laws That Limit War

Neocon John Yoo -- you know, the guy who tortured the English language to pave the way for Bush to continue torturing people --  has had enough of messing around with laws and constitutions:
It is time for the United States to stop hiding behind such obsolete, formalistic views of the laws of war and embrace a pragmatic approach in keeping with long American practice.
Such is the mentality of unlimited power. If the war machine wants something, the war machine gets it! Now is not the time to bring up that parchment paper with the law of the land written on it; especially not after all these years of breaking and ignoring it!
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Max Boot's America

Max Boot gives a glimpse of how cold neocons are when it comes to the value of an individual human life:
“Promoting democracy can be messy in the short-run and isn’t always possible in every circumstance but, in general, it is the best long-term bet for promoting American interests.”

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Leslie Gelb on Egypt: Hold Your Nose and Back the Junta!

Long-time foreign policy insider Leslie Gelb, president emeritus of the Council on Foreign Relations, believes democracy is when the guys he likes win. Free elections that produce "enemies" of the US or Israel are by definition not democratic and the winners should be overthrown by the US and its allies.

Last month, in a column urging President Obama to avoid the "democracy-elections trap in Egypt," he argued that pushing democracy too strongly may bring unacceptable results, as happened in Gaza. He wrote:
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Egypt May Cost Us Money, Sen. Graham Fears

Senator Lindsey Graham, tweets: “A failed state in #Egypt will likely create ripple effects which impact American pocketbooks here at home.”

Graham is concerned about “American pocketbooks” now?

After all the financial damage that neocons’ aggressive foreign policy has wrought, how can anyone take this sudden concern seriously?
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