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Max Boot Deflates

Let’s go back to the beginning of September, when war fever was sweeping the U.S., and when Nobel Peace Prize winner President Obama was about to attack Syria. The hysterics coming forth from the neocons were a sight to see. They were about to get yet another war.
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Pletka Paralyzed by Prospect of Peace

Ron Paul has long advocated talking to the Iranians in lieu of another wasteful and dangerous war. Back during the last Presidential campaign Dr. Paul said as follows:
“I don’t want them [Iran] to get a weapon. But I think what we’re doing is encouraging them to have a weapon because they feel threatened. If you look at a map of Iran, we have 45 bases around their country, plus our submarines. The Iranians can’t possibly attack anybody, and we’re worrying about the possibility of one nuclear weapon.

Now, just think about the Cold War. The Soviets had 30,000 of them, and we talked to them. The Soviets killed 100 million people...and we worked our way out of it…

We talked to the Soviets during the Cuban Crisis. We can at least talk to somebody who we do not have proof that [they] have a weapon. Why go to war so carelessly?”
Here we are approaching the end of 2013, and an American President has finally broken the 34 year silence by speaking with an Iranian leader.
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McCain's Moderates Join Al-Qaeda

Senator John McCain was just sure he could pick moderates in Syria worth supporting. To prove his point he made a trip to Syria this spring to demonstrate how much the insurgents were just like us, struggling for democracy and equal rights for all.

But his trip was organized by the Syria Emergency Task Force's Mouaz Moustafa, who not long ago headed up the Libyan Council of North America. Both organizations are partly funded by the US State Department through a mirrored wilderness of NGO cutouts. But both have close ties to extremists fighting in each country. (In Libya, for example, Mustafa was with the people who killed US ambassador Stevens.) In McCain's case, the "moderates" he met and was so attracted to in Syria tunred out to be kidnappers and thugs.
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Michael Rubin Grabs A Page From W's Playbook

The Muslim Brotherhood has been on quite a roller-coaster ride in Egypt over the last year. In 2012, Mohamed Morsi was elected as Egypt’s very first President who was not a part of the military.

This past summer, just one year later, the military overthrew Morsi and took back control. To add insult to injury, today the news was released that an Egyptian court has completely banned the Muslim Brotherhood.
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The 'Promoting Democracy' Trick

Neocons love to wrap themselves in the cloak of promoting “democracy” to justify their constant calls for war and destruction. Just last month, Max Boot explained this tough job that the neocons have assigned to themselves:
“Promoting democracy can be messy in the short-run and isn’t always possible in every circumstance but, in general, it is the best long-term bet for promoting American interests.”
Neocons sure know how to make it “messy”. That’s about it. The rest is all a ruse.
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War Weary? Who Do You Think You Are?

Neocons have had a tough couple of weeks. First, the British government voted against attacking Syria. Then the American public smacked down the President. Finally, the coup de gras was delivered by Russia (a favorite bogeyman of the warmongering set) who thwarted an attack by acting as peacemaker. 

If that wasn’t bad enough, Vladimir Putin then eloquently lectured the U.S. Empire with an op-ed in The New York Times. For once, it is the neocons who are lying on their backs like frightened turtles.

As a result of this beating, no one should be surprised to see some neocons lash out in anger. That’s exactly what Eliot Cohen provided in the war hungry Washington Post this week.
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Russia Will Not Stop Jeffrey Goldberg

The lust for constant war is an itch that neocons always have to scratch. American bombs must be dropping somewhere. There is always an imaginary Hitler that needs to be squashed.

When the bombs aren’t dropping, neocons get very anxious and impatient. They’re like a five year old who can’t sit still. The only thing worse for a neocon is getting extremely close to unleashing the dogs of war (like attacking Syria) and then have it taken away. That leads to lots of kicking and screaming.
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Peter Wehner Feels the Antiwar Heat

Neocon Peter Wehner is a bit wobbly from the extremely strong anti-war sentiment of the American public. He writes:
For the United States to go to war with around a quarter of the nation supporting intervention–even before the bombing has started–is a very dicey and unsettling proposition.
Wehner feels that if Obama attacks Syria despite Congress, and things go badly as a result, it will only strengthen the non-interventionists.
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