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Michael Rubin Keeps Pushing For 'Regime Change' In Iran

Neocon Michael Rubin has been calling for “regime change” in Iran for many years. In other words, letting people on the other side of the Earth decide their own fate is out of the question. In his eyes, it’s the job of the United States government (using our hard earned money) to install a government for the Iranians.

That the Iranian Revolution of 1979 was in reaction (i.e., blowback) to the U.S. pulling the strings in Iran with its puppet dictator (the Shah) doesn’t seem to make a difference. Rubin won’t let a bunch of clerics throw the U.S. out of their affairs, and let them get away with it; even 30 years later.
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Libyan Leaders Give McCain Award, Vote in Sharia Law

Senator John McCain is in Libya, where he was "honored" to receive an award from the Libyan military Chief of Staff. McCain was, of course, a prime cheerleader for the 2011 US attack on Libya which has resulted in the ascent to power of various al-Qaeda linked groups who along with murderous militias further terrorize the decimated country.

According to a recent US government funded public opinion survey in Libya, only 32 percent of the Libyan population believes the country is better off with Gaddafi out of power. Yes, even a US government funded survey cannot put a positive gloss on the disaster that the NATO attack has wrought.
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A Crackpot Psychoanalysis of The Iran Deal

I’ve read countless neocon interpretations of the P5+1 / Iranian deal, and for the most part, they all rhyme. Neocons are upset and they’re gnashing their teeth across the board. However, one interpretation stood out from the rest. Michael Ledeen wrote a piece that was several standard deviations away from the usual bellyaching, especially when it came to creativity and imagination.

Watch Ledeen moonlight as a psychologist who provides the actual motivations involved in making the deal.
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Peace Breaks Out...Neocons Weep

A peaceful agreement has been reached between the P5+1 nations and Iran. As expected, the bomb-dropping idea peddlers are crying like babies:

Daniel Pipes calls peace a disaster: “Barack Obama has made many foreign policy errors in the past five years, but this is the first to rank as a disaster.”

Jennifer Rubin hopes Israel can still find a way to bomb: “Admin needs to reaffirm final deal will comply fully with UN resolutions. If not Israel should act”.

Michael Ledeen is not losing hope for war either: “this might make war more possible, life is full of surprises.”
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William Kristol: Israel-Hater

Not feeling at all chastened over his role in pushing the US into war in Iraq based on his lies and those of his neoconservative allies, William Kristol has now taken to the pages of his Weekly Standard to peddle more lies to push Israel into a war of its own. Kristol, whose teeth you can literally hear gnashing in his latest furious missive, is desperately egging Israel on to attack Iran and thereby unleash what will no doubt be mass mayhem and carnage throughout the region, including on Israel itself.

What is driving Kristol mad is that the P5+1 talks with Iran suddenly hold some promise of an agreement being reached this weekend. Foreign ministers from Russia, China, the UK, and elsewhere are flying in to Geneva in anticipation. Kristol suddenly finds himself trapped in a bunker with nothing but a loaded gun of lies and hyperbole -- and he is trigger-happy.
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Neocon Senators Seek To Tighten The Iranian Noose

The Daily Beast reports: "Defying the wishes of President Obama, six Republican senators Tuesday proposed an amendment to a defense spending bill that would introduce a new round of sanctions on Iran on the eve of diplomatic talks the president hopes will end Iran’s quest for a nuclear weapon."
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Victor Davis Hanson's Magical Mystery Tour

Victor Davis Hanson, the neocons' favorite historian, goes off on a wild ride that would surely make for good copy in government schoolbooks:
The United States has ridden — and tamed — the wild global tiger since the end of World War II. The frantic ride has been dangerous, to us, but a boon to humanity.
In other words, peace and trade were not chosen after World War II, but instead the U.S. decided to jump on a fictional “global tiger”. With a Federal Reserve ready to print up as much money as necessary, and a homeland unscathed from the ravages of the war, there was no way the power hungry in the U.S. could resist trying to conquer the world.
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Jennifer Rubin Botches Ron Paul's Position on Israel

Neocon commissar, Jennifer Rubin, writes:
You see, just about every pol except [Rand] Paul’s father would say Israel is a great friend, and we need to stand by our closest ally in the region.
Before we get to the big error, let’s knock out the initial sloppiness first. Ron Paul is no longer a politician, or “pol”. Rubin may feel like Ron Paul is still in politics, since the neocons must now constantly battle the ideas of non-interventionism, but Ron Paul himself has left for bigger and better things.
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The Free Beacon Is Lucky Ron Paul Is No Longer In Congress

Congressman, Brad Schneider (D-IL), was in the process of introducing a bill in the House that sought to delay a new round of sanctions on Iran. That is, until the neocon Free Beacon caught wind of it.

How dare Schneider suggest waiting a measly four months before increasing sanctions?

Following the Free Beacon’s story, Schneider shelved the bill. He then “organized an impromptu conference Tuesday evening to explain to pro-Israel leaders why he authored a bill that could delay a new round of Iran sanctions…”
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