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Neocon Watch

'Non-Neocon' Cal Thomas Attacks Ron Paul's 'Isolationism'

Cal Thomas

Cal Thomas is a survivor. "America's most widely syndicated op-ed columnist" understands that to go against the rising tide of opinion in the US is to say goodbye to an enormously lucrative paycheck for relatively little work.

The question Thomas struggles with is how to continue to push a neocon agenda in US foreign policy while not alienating the majority of Americans who have clearly stated their preference for Ron Paul's foreign policy of non-interventionism.

The answer, he has concluded, is simply to lie.

Witness today's column, titled "America's Missing Foreign Policy." In it, Thomas moans that, "Somewhere between Ron Paul's isolationism and neo-con interventionism is what the U.S. should be modeling to the world."

Clever deception, as he thinks he can trick the reader into believing that he is about to offer up an alternative to the neocon interventionism that doesn't cross his third rail of Ron Paul's "isolationism."

What a moderate!

Thomas then goes on to explain his non-neocon foreign policy suggestion with examples  from -- wait for it -- John McCain and John Bolton!

Thomas bemoans the current administration's "retreat from the world and pressuring Israel to give up more land to its enemies," and is furious that "President Obama has retreated on everything from Iraq and Afghanistan, to Iran's nuclear program and his 'red line,' which Syria crossed and paid no price when it used chemical weapons against its own people."

He shrieks that, "Tyrants, terrorists and dictators watch an indecisive president and take note."

His recommendation: "Action matters far more than words."

Action action attack attack!

Yes, that's Cal Thomas, the anti-neocon.

By the way, the real anti-neocon, Ron Paul, is asking for help to fight Cal Thomas's friends who are attacking his Institute for Peace and Prosperity. This past week an unprecedented number have heeded his call and joined the Ron Paul Institute. Have you joined yet?
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