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Biden’s Throat Frog Hints at the Coming Normalcy


What happened to Joe Biden could have happened to anyone. In fact, it happens all the time. Throughout human history. He (presumably) caught a cold from his one-and-half-year-old grandson. His theory is that his grandson “likes to kiss his pop.” As a result, he got a “frog in his throat.” 

It’s just a cold! No reason to freak out! 

Biden’s spokesperson says that he has taken recourse to therapeutics. He “is taking some over-the-counter medication and probably some cough drops and some tea, but otherwise he’s proceeding with his schedule,” said Jen Psaki. 

It’s all so normal. So much part of life. There is no way to know if Biden is correct in his casual contact tracing. He might not have gotten the cold from his grandson but he could have. Any parent will tell you that the first child comes with a full year of household sniffles and sickness. The second one is not so bad because the parents have built up immunity. And so on.
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DeBlasio Goes Full Dictator: 'Mandatory VAX For ALL'!

Outgoing New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio is going out with a bang! He announced today that ALL employers in the Big Apple must require their workers to take the Covid shots or be fired. It is a decision that will hurt black NYC residents the most, but the mayor doesn't seem to care much about those black lives. Meanwhile, a cruise ship has arrived in Louisiana with a fully vaxxed crew, a fully vaxxed group of passengers...and at least 17 covid cases! But not to worry - they are all asymptomatic. Hmmm. Something fishy about that one. This and more on today's Liberty Report...
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An FDA official demanded Google censor a YouTube video the agency didn't like


Federal efforts to censor social media extend past discussions with companies like YouTube over broad guidelines about Covid-19 “misinformation” to specific demands for suppression of individual posts, an email from an FDA official reveals.

In the April 30 email, the Food and Drug Administration director of social media, Brad Kimberly, told a Google lobbyist about that the agency expected YouTube to pull a video touting the potential of a new monoclonal antibody treatment for Covid. (Google owns YouTube.)

“Overall, the video is very problematic when it comes to COVID misinformation,” Kimberly wrote to the lobbyist, Jan Fowler Antonaros. “This video should [emphasis added] be pulled.”

YouTube initially declined to remove the video. However, it has since been taken offline.

How often the FDA has made other censorship demands is unknown, because the agency is apparently hiding the existence of its efforts in response to Freedom of Information Act requests.
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Will the Public Finally See What Happened in the Capitol Tunnel?


For months, Merrick Garland’s Department of Justice has tried every trick in the law books to conceal from Americans a massive trove of video evidence that captured all the activity at the Capitol complex on January 6. Federal judges have played along, approving hundreds of protective orders to keep video clips—particularly footage recorded by the Capitol Police’s extensive closed-circuit television system—out of the public eye.

Time, however, is running out for the government.

Despite numerous discovery delays, Garland’s prosecutors are gradually turning over video evidence to defense attorneys as they prepare for trial. All surveillance video from the Capitol’s security system is designated “highly sensitive” government material; strict rules apply to the handling of every slice of footage.

There’s a reason why. As we have reported at American Greatness for months, one of the most scandalous untold stories about January 6 is egregious police misconduct that, in some instances, amounted to brutality by D.C. Metro and US Capitol police. Had these attacks by law enforcement occured in any other public or private setting against leftist protesters, the national outrage would have resulted in mass firings and immediate calls for criminal investigations.
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Biden’s ‘Democracy Summit’ is a Joke


On December 9-10 President Biden will preside over an online “Summit for Democracy,” which claims it will “bring together leaders from government, civil society, and the private sector to set forth an affirmative agenda for democratic renewal and to tackle the greatest threats faced by democracies today through collective action.”
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The DC Sniper Rampage: The Biggest Police Debacle of the Century?


Those who forget police debacles could be the victims of the next law enforcement fiasco. Former Montgomery County, Maryland, police chief Charles Moose passed away on Thanksgiving Day. He became famous as the most prominent law enforcement official during a three-week sniper rampage in the Washington area in 2002. The Washington Post ran a front-page piece on his death, and career and local officials hailed him as a “great leader” and “terrific” while the media touted him as a “hero.”
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It Is Not Just Coronavirus Vaccine, Mumps Vaccine Is Not Working Either


It has been clear for several months that the experimental coronavirus “vaccines” widely promoted by politicians and big money media as super-effective at countering coronavirus are actually ineffective. The reaction of shots promotors to this problem has been to tell people they should take repeated booster shots, maybe forever.

With each additional shot, people are again exposed to the dangers from an experimental coronavirus vaccine that does not provide anywhere near the initially claimed protection against something that for most people poses little risk of serious sickness or death. To boot, people who take the shots can still become infected, just like people who do not take the shots. They can also still become seriously sick and die.

In short, the experimental coronavirus shots are a joke — a dangerous joke.

Yet, the joke is bigger than that. The effectiveness of other shots that parents have been urged, and required, to have injected into their children to protect against various diseases may be overstated as well.
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If Omicron's As Mild As Experts Say...Why All The Hysteria?

The professionals working most closely with the new "omicron" variant of the virus are reporting that the symptoms are extremely mild - more like a common cold. Yet Germany has locked its "underclass" of unvaxxed citizens and Austria has locked everybody down. How does this make any sense? Today on the Liberty Report...
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Obituary for Russiagate


Russiagate, that fraudulent fable wherein Russian President Vladimir Putin personally subverted American democracy, Russian intelligence pilfered the Democratic Party’s email, and Donald Trump acted at the Kremlin’s behest, is at last dead.
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Will El Chapo’s Wife’s 3-Year Sentence Win the Drug War?


US District Judge Rudolph Contreras has just sentenced Emma Coronel Aispuro to three years in jail. She’s the wife of noted Mexican drug kingpin Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, who is serving a life sentence in a US federal penitentiary. She recently pled guilty to helping her husband run his drug empire.

Yippee! The decades-long drug war must be almost over! US drug warriors are on the verge of winning! What other explanation could there be for US officials now going after the spouses of drug lords?

Talk about pathetic. Do federal prosecutors and Judge Contreras really believe that jailing this woman is going to do anything to win the drug war? If they really do believe that, they are hopelessly naive.

Preventing Coronel from raising her 9-year-old twin daughters for three years will not have any effect on the drug war whatsoever. It will not deter drug lords and drug cartels from continuing to sell drugs and kill people. It’s just a complete waste of time and money. Coronel’s three-year incarceration will accomplish nothing.
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