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Interventionism is a Rotten Tree With Rotten Fruit


Fifty-one State Department officials are calling on President Obama to expand US interventionism in Syria by initiating a bombing campaign against the Syrian government. Apparently they’re not satisfied with the great “success” that their philosophy of interventionism has brought to Iraq, Libya, Syria, Pakistan, Yemen and the rest of the Middle East. They want the US national-security state’s death machine to bring even more death and destruction than it has already brought to that part of the world for the past 25 years.

It would be difficult to find anything more incredible and audacious than that. The Pentagon, the CIA, the NSA, and the rest of the military-industrial complex, whose financial well-being necessarily depend on making interventionism in the Middle East a permanent part of American society, must be ecstatic. The fact that the demand is coming from State Department officials, rather than assets of the CIA, makes it look even better.
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US Senate Votes to Legalize Kidnapping of Women (AKA: Military Draft)


Here’s a joke for you: How many US Senators does it take to kidnap your daughter? Answer: I don’t know, but 85 of them would like to. On Tuesday the United States Senate voted overwhelmingly to allow the federal government to kidnap women against their will and force them into military service, beginning January 1, 2018. This legalized kidnapping, also known as a military draft, was approved with an 85-13 vote as a part of a broad sweeping 600-billion-dollar military spending bill.

The general consensus among the “conservative” Republicans who supported the bill was that anyone who opposed to having their daughters seized by the government must be “un-patriotic” and “un-American.” While the “liberal” Democrats who supported the bill claimed that the right to be kidnapped by the government should be extended to women, rather than men alone. Feminists ballyhooed the measure as a sign of gender equality. I, on the other hand, bemoan it as a sign of national insanity.

While the above paragraph sounds like a joke, unfortunately it is not. And while many see the measure as nothing more than political haggling, the fact that 85 of 100 senators would vote in favor of it should be extraordinarily disturbing to Americans. Sadly, most don’t care and actually favor the idea of a potential military draft; which shows the extent to which the average American has been brain washed by decades of government propaganda. Most people see no problem whatsoever with requiring young people to register for the draft, since as of now, no draft exists. Nevertheless, the government wishes to keep accurate tabs on the young people of America, just in case they want to kidnap them in the future. And this is OK? To most Americans, it apparently is.
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Militarized USDA and EPA using SWAT Teams to Terrorize Innocent People Including Lemon Growers and Small Farmers


The federal government is becoming increasingly militarized, with numerous agencies now employing their own SWAT teams to conduct raids on raw milk producers, beekeepers, lemon growers - or anyone else who runs afoul of agency policies.

The trend has increased during Obama's presidency and is not only costing taxpayers enormous amounts of money, but also terrorizing citizens who could hardly be considered dangerous criminals by any sane estimation.

The USDA is just one example. From
The USDA has used its new military power to threaten people who grow lemon trees; force large fines on people for selling bunnies; confiscate raisins for no real reason; and ruin the livelihoods of small farmers.

One USDA SWAT team even seized bees privately owned that were proven resistant to Monsanto's GMO Roundup and killed all remaining Queens. This shows the incestuous relationship between crooked corporations like George Soro's Monsanto and government agencies.

The USDA is not alone in its abuse of power. The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have recently used their swat teams to bully Americans for lobbyist interests or to punish political enemies.

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BREXIT: Boon Or Bust For UK?

Donald Tusk, a former Polish politician who now is the (unelected) President of the European Council, has warned that if the UK votes to leave the European Union it would be the "end of western political civilization." Others warn that taxes would increase for British citizens if they leave the EU. Still others worry about the future of NATO if other multinational entities like the EU begin unraveling. Polls suggest a surge in support for "Brexit" from the EU, but even if the people vote to leave, will the politicians bother to take their views into consideration? Looking at the future of Europe and "western political civilization" today in the Liberty Report:

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Join us in September at the 'Peace and Prosperity 2016' Conference

How did the use of military force become the first option in US foreign policy? Why must we spend a trillion dollars each year to fund a global empire that leaves us poorer and less safe? How does the military-industrial complex rip off working Americans while becoming obscenely wealthy? And what can we do about it? Join Ron Paul and the Ron Paul Institute for a one of a kind event making an uncompromising case for a foreign policy of peace and non-intervention.
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Clinton Discussed Top Secret CIA Drone Info, Approved Drone Strikes, Via Her Blackberry


A new report in the Wall Street Journal reveals emails in which then-Secretary of State Clinton approved CIA drone assassinations in Pakistan from her unsecured Blackberry. 

Top Secret/SAP Messages

The timing and location of these strikes are considered Top Secret/SAP [special access program], in that revealing such data could allow the targeted humans to escape, and embarrass U.S. ally Pakistan, whom many believe is tacitly allowing the United States to conduct such military operations inside its sovereign territory.

At specific issue are 22 emails that were on Clinton’s private server. These messages were not publicly released, withheld entirely. However, the broad contents were leaked to the Journal by anonymous congressional and law-enforcement officials briefed on the FBI’s investigation.
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Violence Begets Violence: The Orlando Shootings and the War on Terror


Until we start addressing the US government’s part in creating, cultivating and abetting domestic and global terrorism—and hold agencies such as the FBI and Defense Department accountable for importing and exporting violence, breeding extremism and generating blowback, which then gets turned loose on an unsuspecting American populace—we’ll be no closer to putting an end to the violence that claimed 50 lives at an Orlando nightclub on June 12, 2016, than we were 15 years ago when nearly 3,000 individuals were killed on Sept. 11, 2001.

Here’s what I know:

While US politicians have been lecturing American citizens on the dangers of gun violence and working to enact measures that would make it more difficult for Americans to acquire certain weapons, the United States, the world’s largest exporter of arms, has been selling violence to the world, equipping nearly half the world with deadly weapons andprofiting to the tune of $36.2 billion.

Blowback, a CIA term referring to the unintended consequences of the US government’s international activities, is a reality. Chalmers Johnson, a former CIA consultant, repeatedly warned that America’s use of its military to gain power over the global economy would result in devastating blowback. We failed to heed his warning.
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Orlando: Was It LGBT, Radical Islam, Guns...Or Something Else?

Opponents of gun rights, including President Obama and Hillary Clinton, are using yesterday's tragic Orlando shooting to push their agenda, even though the nightclub was a "gun free zone." Meanwhile Republican politicians like House Speaker Paul Ryan are using the shooting to blame it all on "radical Islam." The federal government will likely use the tragedy to demand more resources, and the media will concentrate on the most salacious details of the attack on a 24/7 basis. Will all these special interests served by the killings, will anyone pause to ponder what was really behind them? What really motivated the shooter? We look into this today in the Liberty Report...
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Fascism: A Bipartisan Affliction


If neoconservatives and progressives truly understood fascism, they would stop using the word as a smear term. That is because both groups, along with most political figures and commentators, embrace fascist ideas and policies.

Fascism’s distinguishing characteristic is a “mixed economy.” Unlike socialists and communists who seek to abolish private business, fascists are content to let business remain in private hands. Instead, fascists use regulations, mandates, and taxes to control business and run (and ruin) the economy. A fascist system, then, is one where private businesses serve politicians and bureaucrats instead of consumers. Does the modern American economy not fit the definition of fascism?
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The Peacemaker and the Psychopath


Dave Bundy was working at his home in Delta, Utah, when a caravan of at least 20 federal vehicles invaded his property last March. The vehicles decanted a platoon of FBI personnel, some of them clad in a battle dress and carrying assault weapons. In what must have been a disappointment to them, Bundy – who wasn’t armed – surrendered without offering the Feds a pretext to dispose of him as they had LaVoy Finicum a few weeks earlier.

Bundy had been indicted on federal conspiracy charges for his role in de-escalating the standoff between his family and the BLM in Bunkerville, Nevada in April 2014. At that time, too, Bundy had not been carrying a gun. He was armed only with his determination to prevent bloodshed as he conducted shuttle diplomacy between the Bundys and their supporters, on the one hand, and the Feds who had stolen the Bundy family’s cattle. His conduct earned the appreciation of then-Clark County Undersheriff Joseph Lombardo, who negotiated with him.

Several days earlier, Bundy had been beaten bloody by the BLM’s khaki-clad chekists while he was standing at the side of a road video-recording their confiscation of his father’s cattle.
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