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ISIS, Assad Regime Now Fighting Together In Syria, US Alleges


When last we checked in on the situation in Syria, ISIS (who a secret Pentagon document recently revealed was, and probably still is, considered a US “strategic asset”) was supposedly on the move, emboldened by recent successes in the ancient city of Palmyra and the conquest of Ramadi in Iraq, where, you’re reminded, Iraqi forces showed “no will” to fight according the Pentagon. 

Recent reports also indicated that the militants may have commandeered 2,300 humvees worth more than $1 billion when the group sacked Mosul last summer, a convenient “loss” for the US which can now justify four times that amount in arms sales to allies who will now need to counter a ‘better-equipped’ ISIS. 

On the heels of Palmyra, Ramadi, and a suicide bombing at a Saudi mosque, the US military  and Congressional war hawks have ratcheted up the calls for American boots on the ground in Iraq.
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TSA is The Danger - 95% Fail Rate

Just after the acting administrator of the TSA told Congress what a great job his agency is doing at keeping Americans safe, an internal investigation into the TSA found that agents failed to detect mock bombs 95 percent of the time. Perhaps they were too busy stealing things from our suitcases? Today the Ron Paul Liberty Report takes a look at the failed TSA and the failed approach of depending on the government to keep us safe...
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The CIA: Providing Security or Threatening Liberty?

Last night parts of the PATRIOT Act expired, but it is only a matter of days before Congress passes a new PATRIOT Act -- this time called the FREEDOM Act. As the saying goes, the PATRIOT Act was to real patriotism as the FREEDOM Act is to real freedom. The only real "reform" would be going back to the Constitution, which is the law of the land. The NSA and CIA comprise the secret US government that is the greatest threat to our freedom and liberty. Today's Liberty Report takes a look the CIA's damaging role in the US and the rest of the world...
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