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'Unprivileged Belligerents' - The US War On Journalists

The Defense Department's new Law of War manual, which provides guidance to military commanders in time of war, advises that journalists they consider "unprivileged belligerents" can be either removed from military facilities or even detained indefinitely without charge. The problem is we are in an endless, undeclared war and the provision is sufficiently vague to potentially include any effective critic of US military action. Today's Ron Paul Liberty Report looks at this disturbing new development...
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UK Police Scanned the Faces of 100,000 People at Music Festival


Hey, Big Brother? It’s me. Can we talk about facial recognition please?

The Download Festival

See, the police used facial recognition technology to scan the faces of thousands of attendees at the Download music festival in the UK without their knowledge.

The excuse the Leicestershire Police used was that they were trying to catch “organized criminals” who specifically target music festivals to “steal mobile phones,” according to a report in Police Oracle. The collected footage is compared against a database of custody images to identify the criminals, in this case, an alleged music festival phone-robbing crime ring that nobody seemed to have heard about prior to it becoming the justification for searching an entire crowd who did nothing but show up to hear some tunes.

The festival saw 91 arrests out of 100,000 people. Most were for alcohol-related mishaps, none for phone theft.
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Markets Crash - Is China to Blame?

Yesterday's market crash shocked many in the financial world. Today comes the blame game, with several Republican hopefuls calling out China as being behind US economic woes. One candidate suggested that President Obama cancel the upcoming state visit of the Chinese president, while another spoke openly of the need for a trade war with China. The big danger with all this saber rattling toward China is that a trade war or a war of words can easily spill over into an actual war. Today's Ron Paul Liberty Report looks at the populist protectionism that threatens to further sour US/Chinese relations...
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Western Complicity in Yemen Genocide Met With Media Silence


In the latest atrocity in Yemen, Saudi warplanes bombed a residential area, killing at least 65 people. Most of the victims are reported to be civilians from the Salah district of Taiz, Yemen’s third largest city.

The apparent war crime committed has tragically become an almost daily occurrence during five months of relentless aerial bombardment of Yemen by a Western-backed coalition of foreign powers.

In recent days, there were similar air strikes on civilian centers in the Red Sea port city of Hodeida and the northern province of Saada. In the Hodeida strike, which killed several dock workers, the British charity Save the Children said it believed the attack was a deliberate bid by the Saudis to sabotage aid supplies to the civilian population.

Surely, this should be front page news, with CNN, the BBC and France 24, among other big Western media outlets, splashing it as their top story. The onus is on them because their governments are implicated in grave crimes. However, there has been no news coverage of the tragic events. Aside from some brief, vague reports of a generalized humanitarian crisis, there has been a wall of silence as to how the Western-backed Saudi-led coalition is pulverizing Yemeni civilians and creating the crisis. That suggests a deliberate blackout by Western media.
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Hillary Clinton, A Friend of International Terrorism?


Like all other major candidates in the 2016 presidential race, Hillary Rodham Clinton promises to continue the “war on terrorism.” Despite her rhetoric, Rodham Clinton has undisputedly worked directly for the benefit of terrorism around the world. At least two groups that were legally designated as terrorist organizations by the US State Department have directly benefited from her support.

Mujahadeen E-Khalq (MEK), or the People’s Holy Warriors, is a strange sect of “Islamic Marxists” that was founded in Iran. The group murdered many Iranians during the 1970s as well as a few US citizens. When Iran had its Islamic revolution in 1979, the MEK was at first hopeful that it could become the new ruling party. However, as it began to lose out during the triumph of Khomeini, MEK responded with a campaign of violent terrorism against Iranian government officials. Over 70 members of the Iranian parliament were killed when MEK bombed a meeting of the Islamic Republican Party.

De-Listing the Mujahadeen E-Khalq

MEK eventually made friends with Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein, who directed MEK members to go on a killing spree throughout the Iranian countryside during the Iraq-Iran war. Divisions of MEK fighters calling themselves the “Iranian National Liberation Army” destroyed the village of Eslamabad-e Gharb, slaughtering a large number of civilians in the process.
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