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Washington Hubris on Full Display at London Foreign Policy Speech


Any doubts that the US government views the nature of its relationship with the UK on foreign policy as one of subservience can be finally put to rest after the visit to London last week of Evelyn Farkas, former US Assistant Secretary of Defense for Russia, Ukraine and Eurasia. Farkas, who was relieved of her position in the Obama administration some months ago, addressed the UK’s foreign policy elite at Chatham House, the Royal Institute for International Affairs. 

Farkas’s oversight of the region saw relations with Russia deteriorate to a level not seen since the Cold War deep freeze. Ukraine has been the guinea pig in a US-orchestrated and financed coup (under EU cover) that ousted a democratically elected president – in 21st century Europe, as though it were some banana republic – and resulted in tens of thousands of casualties and a protracted conflict with no end in sight between once-close nations.

Two years on, Ukraine remains the basket case of Europe, teetering on the verge of failed statehood with the rest of the world rapidly losing interest, domestic corruption levels exceeding anything previously known, and an American ex-US State Department official set to be appointed prime minister. And yet, Farkas had the audacity to lecture leading UK policymakers, Eurasian area experts and journalists on "how to deal with a resurgent Russia."
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FBI vs. Apple: Why You Should Care

You won't read in the mainstream media that the US government has been trying for ten years to break Apple's encryption. You also won't read that they unsealed the case against the San Bernardino attackers to terrify the American public into supporting FBI demands that Apple be forced to break its own encryption and hand the keys to the US government. The privacy-hating federal government wants Americans to believe this is simply about a benevolent government entity trying to protect us from terrorism. Don't believe it for a second. It's about prompting Congress to pass legislation regulating encryption -- and taking away our Constitutional right to privacy. Today's Liberty Report is joined by former State Department official and writer Peter van Buren, who tells us why we should care a lot about this case even if we do not use Apple products...
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Smelling EU fear, Turkey Moves in for $6.6bn Kill


When the Ankara government carried out a brutal media crackdown at the weekend and then saw minimal Western protest as a result, President Erdogan knew he had the upper-hand – to leverage the refugee crisis.

It seems more than strange that, only three days before a high-profile summit was to take place between European Union leaders and Turkey on Europe’s refugee crisis, the Ankara authorities carried out an audacious assault on democratic rights.

The violent police seizure of Turkey’s biggest opposition newspaper, Zaman, and its immediate cowing into a tame pro-government publication represents the most brazen authoritarian move to date by the ruling AK party of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Turkish opposition politicians denounced the full-frontal assault on independent media as tantamount to a coup d’état by Erdogan.

But the Western response to the draconian display of state power was more muted than ever. There was hardly any Western media coverage of the Zaman seizure. Both Washington and the EU merely issued perfunctory statements of“concern,” and breathlessly urged Ankara to respect “free speech” and “core European values.”
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You Should Care About Apple, Your iPhone, and the FBI


Yep, you should care. Very much. Hang up the phone and listen.

What This is All About

The FBI wants Apple to help unlock an iPhone used by one of the attackers who killed 14 people in the December San Bernardino shooting. Specifically, the Bureau wants Apple to create new software that would override a security system on the phone designed to erase its contents after ten unsuccessful password tries. The new software would also eliminate the built-in pause required between tries.

The software on the San Bernardino shooter’s phone, after ten tries, will automatically destroy any data on it as a security measure. The FBI needs that ten try limit, plus the required pauses between tries, taken away so that they can run a “brute force” attack against the password. A brute force attack runs an unlimited number of passwords (a1, a2, a3… aa1, aa2, aa3…) at high speed against the system until one works.

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Neocon Games: Warhawks Looking For New War Party?

Neocons like Robert Kagan are having panic attacks over the possibility that their preferred presidential candidate may not end up the nominee. They are writing strong letters and threatening to take their toys and leave the Republican Party if Trump, who they don't trust, is selected by the American voters. Who are the neocons and why do they continue to have a stranglehold on US foreign policy? Today's Liberty Report is joined by Philip Giraldi to deconstruct the neocon crack-up...
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Hungarian Revolution: Orban Says 'No!' to Brussels Migration Plan


Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has emerged as the leader of the pro-sovereignty opposition to the dictates of the EU's Brussels bureaucrats. When German Chancellor Angela Merkel swung open Germany's doors to hundreds of thousands of migrants (mostly from places "liberated" by Germany's ally, Washington), Orban quickly saw the disaster that was coming and rushed to defy Brussels and build a border fence at lightning speed. 

When Brussels told Budapest that it had to take in its "fair share" of migrants flooding Europe thanks to Germany's promises of asylum and lots of free things, Orban told the Euro-crats to take a hike, that he would solve the problem democratically by holding a referendum to see what Hungarian citizens wanted.

That cloud over Brussels was in fact steam from the ears of the EU's ruling elites, who are not accustomed to being defied. 

And then things began going very badly indeed for the Eurocrats, who had miscalculated in spectacular fashion.
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Just Shut Up and Vote: The Futility of Representative Government in an Age of Robber Barons


Despite the fact that we’ve been burned before, most Americans continue to allow themselves to be bamboozled into casting their votes for one candidate or another, believing that this time they mean what they say, this time they really care about the citizenry, this time will be different.

Of course, it never turns out differently.

We are as easily discarded the day after the elections as we were wantonly wooed in the months leading up to the big day. Those same politicians who were once so eager to pose for our pictures, smile at our jokes, and glad-hand us for our votes will, upon being elected, retreat behind a massive, impenetrable wall that ensures we are not seen or heard from again—at least, until the next election.

The joke is on us.

As I point out in my book Battlefield AmericaThe War on the American People, all of the caucuses, primaries, nominating conventions, town hall meetings, rallies, meet and greets, delegates and super-delegates are sophisticated schemes aimed at advancing the illusion of participation culminating in the reassurance ritual of voting.

It’s not about Red Republicans or Blue Democrats. It’s about Green Donors—i.e, those with money who can afford to pay for access.
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Hillary's Libya: Arab Spring Or Dark Winter?

According to a recent New York Times series of articles, then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was the key Obama Administration figure arguing for a US attack on Libya back in 2011. She promised it would be a triumph of "smart power," but with billions wasted, tens of thousands killed, and a country in ruins, it looks more like "dumb power." Now the US and its allies are readying a new military force to go back into Libya to fight an ISIS that was not present before the US "liberation." Score another defeat for interventionism. The full story today in the Liberty Report...
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Do We Need To 'Rebuild The Military'?


The Republican presidential debates have become so heated and filled with insults, it almost seems we are watching a pro wrestling match. There is no civility, and I wonder whether the candidates are about to come to blows. But despite what appears to be total disagreement among them, there is one area where they all agree. They all promise that if elected they will “rebuild the military.”

What does “rebuild the military” mean? Has the budget been gutted? Have the useless weapons programs like the F-35 finally been shut down? No, the United States still spends more on its military than the next 14 countries combined. And the official military budget is only part of the story. The total spending on the US empire is well over one trillion dollars per year. Under the Obama Administration the military budget is still 41 percent more than it was in 2001, and seven percent higher than at the peak of the Cold War.
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US Sends 'Small Armada' to Confront China as Beijing Accuses Washington of 'Containment'


Obama's so-called "pivot to Asia" has always meant one thing and one thing only: Provoking China and threatening its sphere of influence.

And luckily for Obama, the US has perfected the art of military provocation. It's now been confirmed that the US Navy has sent a "small armada" consisting of "the carrier John C. Stennis, two destroyers, two cruisers and the 7th Fleet flagship" to the South China Sea in order to "confront" China.

Some might wonder why China needs to be "confronted" in the South China Sea. As usual, it has nothing to to with "democracy promotion" and everything to do with economic control of the region:

The arrival of group led by the carrier USS John C. Stennis is seen as the latest signal to China that the US will continue to enforce freedom of navigation in the waters through which about US$5 trillion ($7.4 trillion) of trade is shipped each year.
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