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Letters From Melbourne, a ‘Ghost Town Police State’ Under Brutal Covid Lockdown


The citizens of Australia’s second most populous city are suffering under the harshest lockdown conditions of all Western democracies. Their voices need to be heard.

In the last several weeks, Melbourne has introduced shockingly draconian anti-Covid measures, imposed on the metropolis of some 5 million souls. What tragedy was responsible for spurring officials to leap into action? To blame was a fractional uptick in the number of coronavirus deaths – seven to be exact, and all involving citizens above the age of 70 years old.

The media jumped on the “new single-day record in Victoria,” which brought the state death toll to 56. I repeat, 56, and the overwhelming majority of those cases involved elderly people in nursing facilities, some of which are under investigation for their handling of patients. While it goes without saying that elderly lives matter, do seven elderly deaths really warrant the shutdown of one of Australia’s busiest cities?
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Great News From Washington (And It's NOT Kamala Harris!)

Will presidential hopeful Joe Biden choice of a pro-war authoritarian as his running mate give him the edge over Trump? Is there any issue Kamala Harris is not terrible on from a libertarian point of view? But there is good news out of Washington: President Trump has chosen a new coronavirus advisor who opposes lockdowns and believes the virus is actually under control. Will Fauci start packing his bags? Watch today's Liberty Report...
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Anti-Lockdowners: Take a Stand


“You’re a grandma killer.” “You’re not a scientist.” “You’d kill people to revive the economy.” “You should trust the experts.” “I knew you’d resort to conspiracy theories.” These phrases all have one purpose: silencing you, to control the competing narrative. The fact that they want to shame and intimidate you into compliance is evidence that your thoughts are dangerous — all the more reason to shout them from the rooftops. It is highly desirable and crucial to question motives, critique experts, and think for yourself. When that doesn’t happen, the force of the crowd prevails, and disaster occurs.

How many of us questioned the veracity of this image? We all saw them on social media, bombarding us with an astroturf campaign designed to convince us that support for lockdown was universal. After all, who wouldn’t be willing to simply remove himself from the “chain” of infection, thereby “saving lives?” Most people accepted the story. They put the “stay home, save lives” sticker on their social media profiles. They joined the team, collecting money for “frontline heroes,” and summarily ostracized outsiders. None of this is surprising: we have access to neverending media, but very few of us have pandemic management knowledge. This is a combustible combination.
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Why I Write


I was born in Iowa, raised in the mountains of Virginia, and attended Virginia Tech sporadically from 1974 to 1976 before dropping out to try my luck writing. At some point in the late 1970s, individual liberty became my highest political value and I resolved to do what I could to defend it. I had seen the federal government sabotage the currency, ravage southeast Asia with an unjust war, and tumble into disgrace with the Watergate scandal. The pratfalls of the Carter administration, following the depravity of the Johnson and Nixon administrations, spurred a sense of impending political and economic collapse.

After moving to the Washington area in 1980, I was appalled to see what passed for good writing inside the Beltway. The prevailing standards seemed designed to make magazine and newspaper subscribers regret ever learning to read. Many articles resembled a numbing four-hour politburo speech. Voiceless prose with a low-watt righteous drone was the tacit ideal. “Go team, go!” was the epitome of literary excellence. There was nothing to learn from the vast majority of pieces except which side of a dispute the author favored. Alternatively, some writers prided themselves on being perpetually overwrought—a blight that reached epidemic levels after the election of Donald Trump.

If I was expecting mental stimulation in Washington, I came to the wrong place. “Political thought” consists of making accusations or making excuses, and not much more. DC’s “mental currents” usually let only the froth rise to the top. Any idea not immediately profitable to one of the political parties or major interest groups usually sinks without a trace. As French essayist Paul Valery warned, “At every step, politics and freedom of mind exclude each other.”
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America Desperately Needs a Second Opinion


Doctors are human and subject to human mistakes. Even doctors with exceptional “expert” credentials are still human and like all humans fallible. That’s why patients often seek a second or even third opinion from other expert physicians BEFORE implementing a treatment program. That’s especially true if said treatment is potentially life threatening or subject to severe side effects that may be as deadly as the illness itself.

 The Mayo Clinic published a study three years ago with the headline, “Three Reasons Why Getting a Second Opinion is Worth it.” It said in part:
“The study has found that more than 1 in 5 patients referred for a second opinion-for many different conditions-may have been incorrectly diagnosed by their health providers.”
Dr. James Naessens, SC. D. of Mayo Clinic’s campus in Rochester, led the study that looked at medical records for 286 patients whose healthcare provider referred them to Mayo Clinic for a second opinion. Dr. Naessens found that 21% of the time the final diagnosis was completely different from the original diagnosis!
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Herd Immunity Deniers Can't Bear Sweden's Truth

Across the United States authoritarians are clamoring for a return to lockdown over what they claim is a resurgence of coronavirus infections. Despite the data not supporting that conclusion, they want to shut the economy down and further destroy life in the US. They point to Europe's success with lockdowns - even as there appears to be a resurgence of cases in Europe. What is most shocking and striking is that no one in authority in the US is calling for us to emulate the one country that appears to have beat the virus thus far: Sweden. Why can't they even utter the word "Sweden"? Watch today's Liberty Report...
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Murder Charge For Not Wearing A Mask?

A Nashville, TN councilwoman has proposed charging anyone not wearing a mask with either murder or attempted murder. Is it any wonder violence, anger, and fear is spreading even as coronavirus deaths continue to decline? Why are they doing this? Also today, dentists report a surge in cavities and gum disease among people wearing masks. Kansas health official busted faking charts to falsely inflate effectiveness of mask-wearing. Big motorcycle rally in South Dakota - no masks! Watch today's Liberty Report...
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We Need a Principled Anti-Lockdown Movement


Shell-shocked is a good way to describe the mood in the US for a good part of the Spring of 2020. Most of us never thought it could happen here. I certainly did not, even though I’ve been writing about pandemic lockdown plans for 15 years. I knew the plans were on the shelf, which is egregious, but I always thought something would stop it from happening. The courts. Public opinion. Bill of Rights. Tradition. The core rowdiness of American culture. Political squeamishness. The availability of information. 

Something would prevent it. So I believed. So most of us believed. 

Still it happened, all in a matter of days, March 12-16, 2020, and boom; it was over! We were locked down. Schools shut. Bars and restaurants closed. No international visitors. Theaters shuttered. Conferences forcibly ended. Sports stopped. We were told to stay home and watch movies…for two weeks to flatten the curve. Then two weeks stretched to five months. How lucky for those who lived in the states that resisted the pressure and stayed open, but even for them, they couldn’t visit relatives in other states due to quarantine restrictions and so on. 

Lockdowns ended American life as we knew it just five months ago, for a virus that 99.4-6% of those who contract it shake off, for which the median age of death is 78-80 with comorbidities, for which there is not a single verified case of reinfection on the planet, for which international successes in managing this relied on herd immunity and openness.
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Coronavirus is the New ‘Terrorism’


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has proposed the next multi-trillion dollar "coronavirus relief” spending bill that will support testing, tracing, treatment, isolation, and mask policies that have been part of a “national strategic plan” she has been advocating. The Trump administration is not opposing Pelosi’s plan on principle. Instead, it is haggling over the price.
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