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With Biden's New Threats, the Russia Discourse is More Reckless and Dangerous Than Ever


To justify Hillary Clinton’s 2016 loss to Donald Trump, leading Democrats and their key media allies for years competed with one another to depict what they called “Russia’s interference in our elections” in the most apocalyptic terms possible. They fanatically rejected the view of the Russian Federation repeatedly expressed by President Obama — that it is a weak regional power with an economy smaller than Italy’s capable of only threatening its neighbors but not the US — and instead cast Moscow as a grave, even existential, threat to US democracy, with its actions tantamount to the worst security breaches in US history.
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Why Are Hospital Workers So Afraid Of The Vaccine?

Across the country hospital administrators are facing unexpected push-back from employees on the issue of the covid vaccine. More and more are refusing to take it, with at least one hospital CEO mentioning "mistrust" and fear. Why? Also today, poor Dr. Birx has had her feelings hurt over her family Thanksgiving trip. US has record deaths in 2020? San Francisco's record overdoses. Watch today's Liberty Report...
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Just Say No To COVID Travel Bans


We’ve seen this movie before, and it ended with the largest power grab in world history. “It’s just a travel ban.” “It’s just two weeks to stop the spread.” “It’s just for non-essential workers.” “Just wear a mask. It will allow for society to reopen.” “It’s just a ‘pause’ on non-essential activities and businesses.”
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US Announces Sanctions On Assad's Wife & Even Her British Family Members


With apparently little else left to sanction in Syria, the United States is now going after Bashar al-Assad's wife and even extended family members which have long resided in London.

A Tuesday statement from Secretary of State Mike Pompeo indicated the US is imposing sanctions on Syrian first lady Asma al-Assad, blaming her in part for prolonging the war and blocking a peaceful political settlement through her charities and civil society organizations. 

Of course, in Washington-speak "stalling efforts to reach a political resolution" means simply that Bashar Assad has refused to step down and flee the country, which would ultimately put the secular Baath state in the hands of the jihadi fanatics.

Pompeo's statement specifies that "The Department of State today is imposing sanctions on Asma al-Assad, the wife of Bashar al-Assad, for impeding efforts to promote a political resolution of the Syrian conflict pursuant to Section 2(a)(i)(D) of Executive Order 13894." It adds that "Asma al-Assad has spearheaded efforts on behalf of the regime to consolidate economic and political power, including by using her so-called charities and civil society organizations."
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Stimulus Bill: Free Money! Why Worry? We OWE It To Ourselves!

Forget about borrowing money from China. That's old-fashioned. These days, with yesterday's trillion dollar "stimulus" bill, the Fed just creates free money for Americans! We can all be rich! What could go wrong? The combined 5,500 page "stimulus" bill and omnibus bill sprung on Congress at the last minute should go down as one of the most shameful chapters of US governance. Watch today's Liberty Report...
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How Belarus Exposes the Lockdown Lie


Most European governments instituted the shutdown of economies, restrictions on freedom of movement and other policies known as lockdown. This was allegedly in response to the spread of Sars-Cov-2, a dangerous respiratory virus that originated in Wuhan, China.

Few countries rejected this approach; Sweden is the most well known of these. However, a more interesting case of dissent from the official narrative is Belarus and its leader Aleksandr Lukashenka.

This article will outline Lukashenka’s approach to the alleged pandemic, followed by an analysis of death figures and how the Belarussian case exposes the lies of lockdown advocates.


The alleged pandemic broke out in Europe in March 2020, and most European governments followed the severe strategy of imposing lockdowns. Lukashenka’s response was much more limited. A Belarussian press release from the 25th March talks about the quarantines set up for people who enter Belarus...
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Snow job! SolarWinds ‘Russian hack’ story proves the media writes US foreign policy, not the White House


As incoming nominees of a future Biden administration have stopped short in naming a culprit in the SolarWinds hack, the media – playing judge, jury and executioner – has levelled blame on the usual suspect.

Did anyone actually believe that Russia would escape a major US election season without a ceremonial tarring and feathering by the media? It’s almost as though frantic journalists, unable to sell the ‘Trump Beats Biden with Kremlin Collusion’ narrative, have dreamt up this latest work of pulp fiction to keep the ball of ‘Russian villainy’ bouncing into the next US administration. Heaven forbid if the media just sat by and let protracted peace break out between Washington and Moscow.

So when SolarWinds – a software platform that counts among its clients the Pentagon, State Department, Justice Department, and the National Security Agency – suffered an alleged hack, the Washington Post jumped on the evil Russia connection faster than Ian Fleming. 

“The Russian hackers… breached email systems,” wrote Ellen Nakashima and Craig Timberg in the Post without offering a stitch of evidence (Timberg, readers may recall, is the journalist who relied on a shady outfit known as PropOrNot to report, wrongly, that some 200 news outlets were peddling Russian-inspired “fake news.”). Quoting those always handy “people who spoke on the condition of anonymity,” the tag team claimed that the “scale of the Russian espionage operation appears to be large.”
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Comprehensive analysis of 50 states shows greater spread with mask mandates


For months, we've been lectured to by the political elites that cases of coronavirus are spreading too quickly and that we must wear masks to stop the spread. The obvious fault with their act of desperation is that they can no longer mask the fact that most parts of the country have already been fully masked for months — long before the ubiquitous spread this fall.

Researchers at, a clearinghouse of COVID-19 data trends run by a grassroots group of data analysts, computer scientists, and actuaries, did an analysis of all 50 states divided by those that had mask mandates and those that did not. Justin Hart, co-founder of the website, posted the results in a Twitter thread and shared with me the data analysis...

They studied the number of cases over a 229-day period from May 1 through Dec. 15 and divided the results of the two study groups by days with mask mandates and days without mask mandates. The non-mandate data group includes both states that never had a mandate and those that did at some point, but data set included only the days they did not have a mask mandate.
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Busted! Dr. Birx Violates Own 'Stay At Home' Order

Authoritarian government officials love to mandate that everyone "stay at home" to fight the virus, but when it comes to their own lives, they are not about to give up their freedom. The latest hypocrite is government coronavirus task force leader Dr. Deborah Birx, who spent Thanksgiving at her second house with guests in violation of her orders for others. Also today, Sen. Rand Paul slams idiotic mandates that have no science behind them. Vaccine problems. Recall Newsome. Watch today's Liberty Report...
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The Washington Post Can’t Stop Babbling About Russians ‘Hacking Our Minds’


The Washington Post has published another article warning its readers that the Russians are “hacking our minds”, this one authored by CNN’s Fareed Zakaria.

Russia hasn’t just hacked our computer systems. It’s hacked our minds.” blares the ridiculous, propagandistic headline for an article about “the Russian model” of propaganda which “rests on the principle that people get convinced when they hear the same message many times from a variety of sources, no matter how biased.”

Which is funny, since this is not the first time WaPo itself has repeated this cartoonish narrative about Russian mind-hackers.
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