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More Trout Than Milk: Twitter Releases More Evidence of Government Censorship Operations


An old saying, attributed to Henry David Thoreau, maintains that you do not have to find a trout in your glass to know someone is watering down the milk. This week Americans found a veritable school of trout in their milk — and a demonstration by the Biden administration of why such a gathering of trout is often called a “lie.”

In the 17th release of the “Twitter Files,” journalist Matt Taibbi disclosed that the US government is funding a group that has supported the censorship of dissenting viewpoints on social media, including those of US citizens.

That may sound familiar. Just a few weeks ago, I wrote here that the congressionally created, federally funded National Endowment for Democracy (NED) had supported the British-based Global Disinformation Index (GDI). The index was widely ridiculed for targeting ten conservative and libertarian sites as the most dangerous sources of disinformation; it sought to persuade advertisers to withdraw support for those sites, while listing their most liberal counterparts as among the most trustworthy.

At the time, I noted that the Biden administration had played us for chumps. As we celebrated the demise of the infamous Disinformation Governing Board with its “Disinformation Nanny,” the Biden administration never disclosed a larger censorship program.

Shortly after my column posted in The Hill, the NED wrote to me to say that it was discontinuing support for the GDI. Microsoft also was forced into retreat after it was shown to be pushing the GDI’s biased blacklist.

Again, many celebrated a victory for free speech.

Yet, here we are again staring down at a trout in our milk. This week, Taibbi reported that the State Department’s Global Engagement Center (GEC) may have supported a different disinformation blacklisting operation.
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The Federal Reserve’s Magic Trick: Big Tech


Now you see it … maybe soon you won’t.

Over the last year, the seeming ability of stock values of many technology companies to keep rising forever met resistance. This was true even for the major technology companies known collectively as “big tech.” During the last 12 months, Meta (parent company of Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram), Amazon, and Alphabet (parent company of Google and YouTube) suffered layoffs and big declines in stock prices.

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RFK Jr. For President?


Robert F. Kennedy, Jr is someone I've long looked up to and admired. He gave one of the most inspiring, passionate and courageous speeches I've ever seen. I actually choked up a little when he spoke about the more than 2 million Americans who lined the railroad tracks to say goodbye to his father as his train made its way to Arlington National Cemetery. 1968 wasn't so long ago.
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Survey: Over Half of Faculty Fear Retaliation for Speaking Freely on Issues


The Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression (FIRE) has released a new survey of nearly 1,500 faculty members at four-year colleges in the US. Ideologically The survey of college faculty is consistent with other polls and surveys in showing that over half of the faculty nationwide is afraid to speak freely in the current atmosphere of intolerance and orthodoxy. What is most striking about this and other surveys is that the number of conservatives on faculties is comparably very small. Yet, even liberal faculty now fear backlash for speaking freely in classes or on campus.
More than half of the faculty respondents (52%) indicated they are worried about losing their jobs or reputations over statements that could be misconstrued or attacked. Not surprising, that view is overwhelming among those identifying as conservative with 72% reported that they are “somewhat” or “very” worried. Yet, even 40% of liberal faculty also felt this way.
Polls and surveys show that this fear is now shared by both students and faculty, including a recent poll at MIT. Again, what is notable with this data is that only a small percentage (if any) of faculty self-identify as Republican or conservative. Yet, a significant percentage still fear speaking openly in their own classes or on campuses.
Cancel campaigns are now a common pattern in schools ranging from Yale to Northwestern to Georgetown. Blocking others from speaking is not the exercise of free speech. It is the very antithesis of free speech. Nevertheless, faculty have supported such claims. CUNY Law Dean Mary Lu Bilek showed how far this trend has gone. When conservative law professor Josh Blackman was stopped from speaking about “the importance of free speech,” Bilek insisted that disrupting the speech on free speech was free speech. (Bilek later cancelled herself and resigned).
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Will China Send Weapons to Russia?


Yes. I think they will. But not because Russia is running out of shells and rockets. Nope. I think China wants a chance to field test some of its weaponry and drones against a foe that shoots back in order to see how they perform in a combat environment. Firing artillery or surface-to-air missiles on a closed range does not compare with lighting them up on a bona fide battlefield.

The warnings to China to not help Russia is not new. One year ago the Biden team put out the word that:

"China will face consequences if it helps Russia evade sanctions in its invasion of Ukraine, the US says.

"Unnamed US officials told multiple news outlets that China had signalled willingness to provide military assistance to Russia.

"The Chinese foreign ministry accused the US of spreading disinformation. Russia denied asking Beijing for military help.

"The exchanges came before top US and Chinese officials met in Rome."

Media outlets, citing Washington officials, say that Russia has in recent days asked China specifically for military equipment, including drones.
Well, the Chinese ignored those unnamed officials and stepped up its cooperation and coordination with Russia.
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Woody Harrelson, Saturday Night Live, and Ridiculing Coronavirus Tyranny


Throughout the coronavirus scare, Saturday Night Live repeatedly ducked the opportunity to ridicule mandates that, in the name of countering coronavirus, proliferated in America and across the world. Instead, skits on the NBC TV comedy show repeatedly praised the authoritarian measures and scorned people who opposed those measures or who challenged the supporting “science” propounded by government and big money media “experts” that has proven to have been wrong across the board.

Saturday Night Live had a reputation as a comedy show willing to make jokes challenging those holding political power. In years preceding the coronavirus scare, the show had developed a much heavier bias in favor of the liberal and Democratic end of American politics. Yet, it still took shots at politicians and views across the political spectrum.

When the exercise of power went into overdrive with the imposing of draconian measures including stay at home orders, mask and “vaccine” mandates, vaccine passport requirements, and the forced closing of stores, offices, churches, schools, sports venues, and other places people could interact in person, the jokes challenging such exercises of authority did not materialize. Instead of challenging team tyranny, Saturday Night Live joined in promoting it. This choice was particularly interesting because it deprived the show of much good material for skits. Making the show funny was placed on the back burner.
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Unspeakably Cruel! US House Votes To Maintain Sanctions On Earthquake-Ravaged Syria!

In a near-overwhelming vote, the US House of Representatives voted to maintain the "2019 Cesar Syria Civil Protection Act," a bill imposing additional sanctions on the Syrian people. The iron fist was hidden in a velvet glove, however, which we will explain in today's program. Also today: Biden sees continued decline in support for his Ukraine policy. And...the UN has a "brilliant" plan to block out the sun. What could go wrong? Watch today's Liberty Report...
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What Sparked D.C.'s Sudden, Dramatic Anti-China Shift?


On Wednesday evening, the Senate voted unanimously to pass a bill calling on the Biden Administration to declassify “information related to the origins of Covid-19.”

In recent days, select US government agencies have claimed, behind the shadow of classified reports, that they now believe a lab leak is to blame for the Covid-19 outbreak.

It’s fascinating to observe this radical narrative departure from the not so distant past, when these very same people declared that blaming China for Covid was racist, xenophobic, and whatnot.

On top of that, it seems that the new Congress is positioning itself only to investigate the gain of function versus lab leak scenarios, but not the origin of the information operations and very oddly timed coincidences that resulted in full blown Covid hysteria. They’re signaling that people like Fauci, Bill Gates, and Big Pharma are going to be let entirely off the hook, which is quite unfortunate. 

Unsurprisingly, this is a signal that Congress is not very serious about the real origin story of Covid, and never will be.

So what’s going on with all the China bashing?
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Deja vu: FDA committee recommends Pfizer’s RSV shot despite known risks


Do we have to wait for two years’ worth of death and injury reports from the incoming RSV shots before we begin warning against them? Or have we learned anything from Pfizer and Moderna’s fraudulent trials on COVID?

Last week, the CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices met to discuss the future framework of a number of vaccines. Of course, all of them were deemed safe enough to continue, although a number of shocking nuggets of data were revealed with the understanding that the public will never discover this information. According to FDA briefing documents, two people in the Pfizer RSV trial for those over 60 years old experienced the dangerous form of neuropathy known as Guillain-Barré syndrome. The rate was 1 in 9,000, which is bad enough, but we’ve seen from COVID that GBS is a fairly common reaction, and Bell’s palsy, a similar form of neuropathy, has racked up 16,755 entries in VAERS.

This is particularly concerning because in the Phase 1/2 trial for Pfizer’s RSV shot, among a younger cohort of 18- to 49-year-olds, the trial reports one death among the 164 participants in the group getting 120 micrograms (the dose now recommended for seniors). “One participant in the 120-µg RSVpreF group died within 12 months postvaccination 1 due to toxicity to various agents (quetiapine and amlodipine) that was considered not vaccine-related,” reports Pfizer. After everything we experienced with the fraud from the COVID trials, are we really to trust that a disclosed death due to toxicity was somehow confirmed not to be related to the vaccine?

GlaxoSmithKline already had to pause its RSV trial for pregnant women due to safety concerns. According to Pharma Intelligence, one death occurred in the trial, attributed to acute disseminated encephalomyelitis 22 days after vaccination, “considered by both the study investigator and FDA to potentially be related to the vaccine.” Meanwhile, GSK’s shot for elderly people appears to be right on track, even though, as Dr. Meyrl Nass reports, ACIP participants raised questions about the fact that this shot “can overstimulate the immune system, which is why it is only used for the elderly or immunocompromised.” How in the world can anything that “overstimulates” the immune system be approved for anyone of any age after everything we’ve seen with COVID and all of the problems with neuropathies and autoimmune disorders stemming from this overstimulation?
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Conservative Mental Dichotomy on the Draft


The war in Ukraine has displayed a fascinating dichotomy that exists within conservatives. They uniformly condemn the Russian invasion of Ukraine while, at the same time, steadfastly ignoring the measures that the Pentagon took through NATO to provoke the invasion.
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