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Good for the Syracuse University Student Rebels


It does not take nearly as much to be a rebel at college as it used to. With a multiplicity of rules restricting college students’ activities at campuses across America in the name of countering coronavirus, a significant act of rebellion can be to shake hands with a friend, leave your nose and mouth uncovered, or congregate in a group. In other words, rebellion can be to take ordinary actions of the verboten “old normal.”

Administrators at Syracuse University in New York appear to be hopping mad that a group of largely freshmen students on Wednesday evening, during the students’ time on campus before fall semester classes begin, did something you would expect them to do — join together in a group and socialize.

What has been normal and even encouraged, is now forbidden. This living life stuff cannot stand, college administrators demand.

“Last night, a large group of first-year students selfishly jeopardized the very thing that so many of you claim to want from Syracuse University—that is, a chance at a residential college experience.” That is the first sentence of a Thursday letter to Syracuse students from J. Michael Haynie, a Syracuse University vice chancellor. The forbidden action these students took, writes Haynie, is gathering in the Quad. The Quad is an outdoor place on campus where, in school years past, students regularly met and events were commonly held.
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Americans are free to vote Trump out of office, but they may be stuck with Soros forever – whether or not they like him


George Soros had some tough words for Donald Trump, calling him “dangerous” and willing to do “anything to stay in power.” But what about the financier himself, who operates across the globe outside of democratic due process?

The life of the billionaire financier seems to be one long battle against the purported enemies of the "open society" – a controversial concept popularized by Karl Popper, a Vienna-born philosopher who wrote "The Open Society and Its Enemies." Chief among his sworn adversaries is Trump, whose "Make America Great Again" campaign calls for, among other things, a wall constructed on the US-Mexico border and less reliance on foreign factory workers.   

On the occasion of his 90th birthday this week, Soros sat down for an interview with the Italian newspaper La Repubblica, in which he expressed some strident views about the US president.
'I’m confident that Trump will turn out to be a transitory phenomenon, hopefully ending in November,' Soros remarked. 'But he remains very dangerous. He’s fighting for his life and he’ll do anything to stay in power, because he’s violated the Constitution in many different ways and if he loses the presidency, he will be held accountable.'
For anyone who has followed the trajectory of Soros’s lengthy career, those remarks will probably come across as self-serving and hypocritical.
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As Covid Hospitalizations Disappear, Authoritarians Refuse To Give Up

As the "Sun Belt" wave of coronavirus cases and hospitalizations burns itself out - as is always the case with a virus - those authoritarian politicians still clinging to the ability to push their citizens around refuse to give up. As in the Lord of the Rings, they cannot bear letting go of the ring of power. But what will it take for them to finally relinquish their stranglehold on our lives? Many hospitals are now suffering from a lack of patients and deaths among those under 50 years of age remain nearly non-existent. When is this over? What's the end game? Watch today's Liberty Report...
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How the US helped push Lebanon to the brink of collapse, and now threatens more sanctions


As the people of Lebanon suffer through one of the worst economic crises in their nation’s conflict-ridden history, the Donald Trump administration is exploiting the disaster to force regime change and weaken Lebanese resistance groups.

A massive explosion on August 4 devastated Lebanon’s capital Beirut, killing more than 150 people, wounding thousands, leaving hundreds of thousands homeless, and ravaging a sizable chunk of the city.

The massive blast also destroyed Lebanon’s most important port, where 80 percent of food was imported into the country.

Even before the apocalyptic incident, Lebanon was enduring an economic calamity that had caused hyperinflation and wiped out the wealth of much of the country, fueling widespread food shortages and 20-hour blackouts.

Lebanon’s economy is now in a state of total collapse. The value of its national currency has plummeted by 80 percent, and more than half of the population is languishing in poverty.
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The CIA Versus the Kennedys


Former Congressman Ron Paul and his colleague Dan McAdams recently conducted a fascinating interview with Robert F. Kennedy Jr., which focused in part on the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, who was Kennedy Jr.’s uncle. The interview took place on their program the Ron Paul Liberty Report.
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Washington’s Supposed Gift to President Putin


One of the comments made following Trump’s decision to relocate some 12,000 troops from Germany was made by retired Admiral James (‘Zorba’) Stavridis, who in 2009-2013 was US Supreme Allied Commander Europe (the military commander of Nato). He declared that the action, among other things, “hurts NATO solidarity and is a gift to Putin.” This was a most serious pronouncement, which was echoed by Republican Senator Mitt Romney, a rich Republican and Mormon cleric, who said the redeployment was a “gift to Russia.” These sentiments were well-reported and endorsed by US media outlets which continue to be relentlessly anti-Russia.

Stavridis is the man who wrote that the seven-month bombing and rocketing of Libya by the US-Nato military grouping in 2011 “has rightly been hailed as a model intervention. The alliance responded rapidly to a deteriorating situation that threatened hundreds of thousands of civilians rebelling against an oppressive regime. It succeeded in protecting those civilians and, ultimately, in providing the time and space necessary for local forces to overthrow Muammar al-Gaddafi.”

On June 22 Human Rights Watch noted that “over the past years” in Libya their investigators have “documented systematic and gross human rights and humanitarian law violations by armed groups on all sides, including torture and ill-treatment, rape and other acts of sexual violence, arbitrary arrests and detention, forced displacement, unlawful killings and enforced disappearances.” Amnesty International’s current Report also details the chaos in the shattered country where Nato conducted its “model intervention.”
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US Attacks Syrian Army Outpost As US Firm Moves To Steal Syrian Oil

Obama's "Assad must go" Syria policy lives on, even three plus years into the Trump Administration. Yesterday, US troops illegally occupying Syrian territory shot at a Syrian army checkpoint and a US helicopter followed up by destroying the outpost. At least one Syrian soldier was killed in the incident. Earlier this month a politically-connected US firm signed a contract with the US government to "modernize" US-controlled oilfields in Syria - to "starve Assad." Also today: insanity in Australia and New Zealand. Today on the Liberty Report...
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