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Leading TX Doc: 'Prosecute Fauci Criticism As Hate Crime!'

Well-known Baylor University professor of medicine Dr. Peter Hotez published an article last month calling for criticism of Fauci and other scientists of his political persuasion to be prosecuted as a "hate crime." He admonished active pursuit of "far-right antiscience aggression." Also today, Fauci turns the fear up to "11" - warning that the variants are coming, the variants are coming! And Biden Covid Advisor Dr. Osterholm reveals some interesting truths about masking and plexiglass barriers. Finally...Biden to order all active-duty servicemembers to take the shot. Haven't we seen this before? Watch today's Liberty Report...
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Baylor Professor Calls for Prosecution of Criticism of Fauci and Other Scientists as Hate Crime


Physicist Richard P. Feynman once said “Religion is a culture of faith; science is a culture of doubt.” Feynman’s statement captures how science depends upon constant questioning and challenging of assumptions. Yet, what is healthy debate to some is criminal dissent to others. Dr. Peter Hotez, a professor of pediatrics and molecular virology at Baylor College of Medicine is calling for federal hate-crime protections to be extended to cover criticism of Dr. Anthony Fauci and other scientists. The frequent MSNBC and CNN guest wants Congress to expand hate crimes to “scientists currently targeted by far-right extremism in the United States.”

In a July 28 paper in Plos Biology titled “Mounting Antiscience Aggression in the United States,” Hotez encourages Congress to focus on the “band of ultraconservative members of the US Congress and other public officials with far-right leanings are waging organized and seemingly well-coordinated attacks against prominent US biological scientists.”

Hotez insists that it is not enough to support such science but to criminalize attacks on their research. This suggestion is just one of a number of ideas briefly put forward to support scientists but it is the most chilling. Referring Nazi and fascist movements in history, Hotez argues that good science requires cracking down on the right.
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Dark Clouds: Biden Pushes China-Style 'Social Credit' System

In televised remarks yesterday, President Biden urged private businesses and universities to institute a China-style "social credit" system whereby some individuals are denied basic rights and privileges if they hold "wrong" views on matters such as health and medicine. How far will this go? Also today, NIH Director urges parents to wear masks in front of their the home! And, major European newspaper editor apologized to readers over his publications of hysterical Covid coverage. Today on the Liberty Report...
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Sen. Rand Paul: Mask mandates and lockdowns from petty tyrants? No, not again. Choose freedom



They can’t arrest us all. They can’t keep all your kids home from school. They can’t keep every government building closed – although I’ve got a long list of ones they should.

We don’t have to accept the mandates, lockdowns, and harmful policies of the petty tyrants and feckless bureaucrats. We can simply say no, not again. 

Speaker Nancy Pelosi — you will not arrest or stop me or anyone on my staff from doing our jobs. We have all either had COVID, had the vaccine, or been offered the vaccine. We will make our own health choices. We will not show you a passport, we will not wear a mask, we will not be forced into random screening and testing so you can continue your drunk with power rein over the Capitol.
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The Masking of America


“We should never fully return to our maskless society where only health care providers donned a mask, because judicious use of masks will continue to save lives” (emphasis added). This is not the fringe statement of some obscure crank. It is the view of two doctors at New York’s Mount Sinai School of Medicine, one of the nation’s most prestigious medical schools, writing in a New York Daily News op-ed this spring.
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The Two Americas: Collectivists vs. Individualists


CNN just ran an opinion piece with the headline, “Can you do something about stubborn unvaccinated people? Yes, you can.” The New York Times ran a similarly themed opinion piece a few weeks earlier with this headline, “Meet the Four Kinds of People Holding Us Back.” So did The Washington Post — only harsher in tone: “I’m tired of being nice to vaccine refusers,” the writer complained just a few days ago.

The message is clear: The unvaccinated are to blame. The oft-unstated message, though, is just as clear, at least for those paying attention: America’s pesky penchant for individualism is to blame.

After all, a country steeped in collectivism wouldn’t have this problem — wouldn’t have to deal with naysayers, with doubting Thomases, with critical thinkers and questioning pains in the you-know-what, with rebels both with and without causes. A country that takes its marching orders from government, filled with citizens who are trained from Day One to rely on, even pine for, dictates from their political overlords — a country like that filled with citizens like this simply obeys. They take the COVID-19 shot. They take the shot and move on, and nary a complaint is heard. Perhaps they’re afraid of disappearing into the good night; perhaps they’re afraid of being arrested or shot; but in the end, no matter the reason, nary a complaint is heard.
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A New State of Segregation: Vaccine Cards Are Just the Beginning


Imagine it: a national classification system that not only categorizes you according to your health status but also allows the government to sort you in a hundred other ways: by gender, orientation, wealth, medical condition, religious beliefs, political viewpoint, legal status, etc.

This is the slippery slope upon which we are embarking, one that begins with vaccine passports and ends with a national system of segregation.

It has already begun.

With every passing day, more and more private businesses and government agencies on both the state and federal level are requiring proof of a COVID-19 vaccination in order for individuals to work, travel, shop, attend school, and generally participate in the life of the country.

No matter what one’s views may be regarding the government’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, this is an unnerving proposition for a country that claims to prize the rights of the individual and whose Bill of Rights was written in such a way as to favor the rights of the minority.
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Biden Covid Coordinator: Forced Vaccines Now!

President Biden's Covid coordinator said in a recent press conference that incentives to people to take the shot are not enough. It's time for some "requirements" he said. Biden himself said that he is looking into whether the federal government can force all of America to take the shot. Tyranny? Also today - the strange continuing case of Jan. 6 police suicides. Coincidence? Today on the Liberty Report...
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Fauci's Forecast: 'More Pain And Suffering!' Really?

Fauci has warned that the US faces more pain and suffering with the "delta variant," as some signs suggest a peak in early states. Meanwhile, the Biden Administration has left Americans totally confused with contradictory information about the shot and breakthrough cases and masks. Is it any wonder skepticism is growing? Today on the Liberty Report...
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