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Raskin: Trump’s Decision Not To Testify May Be Cited As Evidence Of His Guilt


Over the last four years, we have seen an alarming trend of law professors and legal experts discarding constitutional and due process commitments to support theories for the prosecution or impeachment of Donald Trump or his family. Legal experts who long defended criminal defense rights have suddenly become advocates of the most sweeping interpretations of criminal or constitutional provisions while discarding basic due process and fairness concerns.  Even theories that have been clearly rejected by the Supreme Court have been claimed to be valid in columns.
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Fauci: 'No Super Bowl Parties!'

Top Biden Administration Covid advisor Tony Fauci is back to warn Americans that "now is not the time" to get together with friends to watch the Super Bowl this Sunday. He said the same about Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's Eve. He warned of a "dark winter" if people didn't do as he told them. They did not, but meanwhile new Covid cases in the US continue to plummet. Watch today's Liberty Report...
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Seven Times 'Superspreader' Events Were Overblown


If Woodstock occurred today, it would be derided as a “superspreader” event. Superspreader events are events or gatherings (such as a sporting match, religious service, birthday or wedding) at which an infected individual(s) infects a disproportionate number of other individuals, thereby accelerating community spread of a disease.
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Should College Application Be Required for a High School Diploma?


The Wall Street Journal last week reported legislators in a growing number of states are trying to pass new laws requiring high school seniors to complete applications for college financial aid (mainly the federal FAFSA—Free Application for Student Aid—but also sometimes state forms) before receiving a high school diploma. It is already law in Louisiana. Nebraska legislation was vetoed by Governor Pete Ricketts.

The argument for such legislation is: a college degree will be needed for most jobs created in coming years, and college graduates are more productive citizens, so increasing higher education participation should stimulate economic growth. Moreover, underrepresented groups in college attendance, such as minorities and lower income citizens, often fail to apply for available financial aid to attend college, and thus do not even try to go to college. This legislation is a way of nudging high school seniors to become aware of the possibility of getting college financial aid. In Louisiana, completion of the FAFSA form rose after the Louisiana law was passed.

Yet there are strong compelling arguments against such legislation. First, I think it is dishonest, even immoral, to withdraw an earned mark of academic accomplishment, a high school diploma, from a student because he or she refuses to do something having absolutely nothing to do with high school academic performance. Consider two students of similar financial circumstance graduating from the same high school, one in the top one-fourth of the graduating class but who plans to go to work in the family business (farm, hardware store, roofing company, restaurant, etc.) after graduation, and thus does not want to go to college and fill out the FAFSA application.
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Should 'Conspiracy Theory'-Believing Members Of Congress Be Expelled?

There are growing demands - especially among Democrats - to expel Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) from Congress over reports that she believes or endorses "conspiracy theories" such as the "Q" conspiracy theory and others. Should Members who endorse conspiracy theories be kicked out? What is a conspiracy theory and how many Members have endorsed such theories in the past? How many times have conspiracy theories been used to drag the US into wars? Watch today's Liberty Report...
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The Flight of the Covid Quacks


A year on and Covid quackery remains a potent force in global public health discourse. We should not be surprised by this as quackery of all sorts suffuses the history of medicine in America and abroad. The recent mass exodus of public health officials from their jobs, however, is so unprecedented that it challenges Murray Rothbard’s Second Law: “No one ever resigns.” What the flight of the Covid quacks portends, however, remains unclear.

Quackery is a derisive term often used by medical establishments to denigrate competitive approaches to health and wellness but it can, and has, also been used to question the expertise of recognized health authorities. Those who engage in quackery are called quacks and by definition push their own scientifically untested curatives and preventatives in lieu of available alternatives in order to enrich or empower themselves at the expense of their patients and medical science.

Objectively, then, quacks put profits or power ahead of the scientific method and hence the interests of their patients. They break the Hippocratic Oath to “do no harm” in order to sell a system or nostrum.
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Fake Trial: What If Trump Just Didn't Show Up?

The Senate trial of former president Donald Trump is a farce, dead on arrival, and a mockery of justice. The votes for conviction are not there, as we learned from last week's procedural vote on constitutionality. The idea of removing someone from office who is not in office makes no sense. The sole goal is to prevent Trump from running for office again. What if Trump and Trump's team just didn't show up for this show trial? Watch today's Liberty Report...
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The Largest Experiment on Humans Ever Seen


Which is the more reasonable approach a society might take in the outbreak of epidemic:

To quarantine the sick, and take reasonable precautions to stop those who are identified as vulnerable from contracting the illness.

To attempt to “control the virus” by preventing millions of healthy people from having contact with other healthy people.

To any society prior to 2020, it would have been obvious that the first approach is not only logical and proportionate, but the one least likely to have other unintended and highly destructive consequences. However, to my continued astonishment, many in our society not only believe that the answer is the second, but they somehow believe it to be based on established science.

Now I understand that many who support Lockdown will object to my characterisation of their position. They will say that it is deliberately misleading, since it talks about healthy people, and does not mention the sick. Such objections founder, however, on this undeniable fact: Lockdowns are, by their nature, an entirely untargeted and indiscriminate approach to a health issue, and the prohibiting by law of millions of healthy people from having contact with other healthy people is a feature, not a bug of a policy that was untried and untested before it was first implemented by the Chinese Communist Party in January last year, then copied by many Governments around the world thereafter.

For some reason, many Lockdownists seem to think that the onus is on Lockdown opponents to disprove their position. But as Dr Malcolm Kendrick points out in his excellent piece – Does Lockdown Work or Not, this is the opposite of how things are supposed to work...
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CDC Now Demands TWO Masks - Science...Or Tyranny?

According to CNN, the CDC is demanding that people wear two masks when on public transport. Failure to comply could result in prosecution according to the news report. Is there any science behind it? Dr. Fauci surprisingly provides the answer. Also today: lockdown protests grow in Europe, lockdowns and cancer treatment, and Governor DeSantis shows how it's done. Tune in to the Liberty Report...
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