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Kurt Nimmo

Ukraine and the Curse of Zbigniew Brzezinski


Here is U.N. Secretary-General António Guterres. I don’t recall this level of denunciation and condemnation on the part of UN officialdom when George W. Bush invaded Iraq and killed over a million people. There was criticism, most prominently by then Secretary General of the UN, Kofi Annan. He said the neocon invasion violated the UN Charter. Kofi said it was illegal.
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Ukraine 'Specialist' Adds More Lies to War Narrative


The Hill, the democrat newspaper—where James Carville, Dick Morris, and CIA spook Michael Hayden acted as staff—has posted yet another delusional op-ed on Ukraine, this time by an ethnic Ukrainian, a professor of political science at Rutgers University.

Alexander J. Motyl appears to be confused. He has a problem digesting the fact the “global South” wants nothing to do with Biden’s flirtation with thermonuclear destruction. Mr. Motyl, billed as a “specialist” on Ukraine, argues the simplistic good versus evil mantra used to demonize Russia is a good thing.

While it’s true that many geopolitical issues are characterized by shades of gray, it is also true that some, perhaps even many, are black and white. The Russian invasion of Ukraine is one such case. Ukraine posed no imaginable threat to Vladimir Putin’s imperially minded, nuclear-armed, and fascist Russia: Ukraine’s army, economy and population were all significantly smaller than Russia’s and Kyiv harbored no aggressive designs.

I’m not sure how this guy became a Ukraine “specialist.” Kyiv in fact does harbor “aggressive designs” against ethnic Russians. It has killed 14,000 of them since Vicky Nuland and the neocons embedded in the USG State Department engineered a coup in 2014, overthrowing an elected president.
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The Lesson of East Palestine


The lesson learned, and largely ignored, is that the government Americans vote for every two and four years does not “represent” them.

East Palestine is the lesson du jour. So long as it remains in the corporate media’s “news cycle,” coverage will downplay the federal government’s decision to ignore the poisoning of thousands of people, not only in East Palestine but across Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Joe Biden does not believe this disaster warrants a reaction. He has not traveled to East Palestine. Biden’s transportation secretary, Pete Buttigieg, waited more than two weeks to travel there, and only to shore up the government’s image as responsive and caring, which it is not.

The fact of the matter is, the government does not care about your welfare or protecting you from psychopathic profit-centric corporations. It has nothing but contempt for those, not of the billionaire class, the bankers, CEOs of transnational corporations, and attached lobbyists passing out fiat dollars to keep the crony capitalist game moving along—until it falls off a cliff, as it will soon enough.

The residents of East Palestine are outraged that Biden refused to send FEMA in response to a corporate-caused crime against humanity. As a comparison, consider FEMA’s response to Hurricane Katrina.
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Attack of the Weather Balloons!


On Saturday, President Biden sent a USG fighter aircraft to shoot down… something over the Yukon in Canada.

This is the third such alleged shootdown. The second one is said to have occurred on Friday over Alaska, according to the stenographic media. It “reports” what the government wants you to know—and in the case of the attack of the weather balloons, they want you to know virtually nothing—except it is the sinister behavior of those darn spy-obsessed commies in China.

The “object” over the Yukon was “cylindrical” and “smaller than the suspected Chinese balloon shot down last weekend, Canadian Defense Minister Anita Anand said on Saturday evening,” CNN relayed from the government.

The object shot down Saturday marks the third time in one week that US aircraft have shot down an object in North American airspace. Saturday’s incident follows the downing of another unidentified object on Friday over Alaska, and the shoot-down of a suspected Chinese surveillance balloon on February 4 by a US F-22 fighter jet.

Forget the adjective “suspected” prior to “Chinese surveillance balloon.” The state demands you to believe “communist” China is spying on America, and now Canada. The government has produced zero evidence the original balloon was indeed a surveillance thingamajig.
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Communist Doomsday Balloon Nonsense


It’s remarkable how easy it is to rile up the American public. The latest bit of theatrics centers around a “communist” balloon that is either a spy device or a weather balloon that has drifted off course. Either way, this thing isn’t some sort of major threat to America.

Even so, it can be used as clickbait.

That’s right, the commies may use the balloon to poison us, never mind how ludicrous this is on its face.

First, allow me to dispel a myth. The government in China is not communist. It is, at best, authoritarian crony capitalism. Marx would be appalled. His idea was to do away with capitalism.
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Air Force General Demands Preparation for War with China


If the conflict in Ukraine does not end in nuclear madness, Taiwan just might.

That very well may be the unintended result if Gen. Mike Minihan, the head of the USG Air Force's Air Mobility Command, has his way.

Minihan “has issued an ominous warning about a looming future high-end conflict against China, likely over Taiwan,” writes Joseph Trevithick for The War Zone. Minihan wants to get the USG war machine ready for what he describes as an inevitable conflict.

Minihan’s remarks are part of a two-page internal memo posted on Twitter on January 27.

Zachary Boyer, a spokesperson for Air Mobility Command (AMC), confirmed to The War Zone that this document, which is future-dated February 1, is indeed authentic. AMC oversees the bulk of the Air Force's aerial refueling tankers and cargo aircraft, among other responsibilities.
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Zelenskyy Regime to Forcibly Conscript Hungarians in Transcarpathia


The Zelenskyy regime is desperate. It is reportedly losing more than 300 soldiers a day in eastern Ukraine. The latest effort by the doomed regime to throw men and foreign war materiel at a slow and overpowering Russian advance in Donbas will completely fall apart.

The regime is now busy abducting potential bullet stoppers in the Zakarpattia Oblast (Ruthenia), situated in the Carpathian Mountains of southwestern Ukraine, between Slovakia, Hungary, and Romania.

“Due to heavy losses, which exceed all previous ones, radical methods are used to replenish the numbers [of troops]. According to local sources, the Ukrainian authorities plan to call up 10,000 people from Transcarpathia by spring,” Hungarian journalists told EuroWeekly.

The Zelenskyy regime has apparently taken a page from the British Royal Navy during the Age of Sail. The British employed press gangs to crew ships during war and peacetime. Refusal to be impressed resulted in a one-way trip to the gallows.

“Almost every settlement in Transcarpathia has been for several days now undergoing forced conscription into the army. In the area of ​​the city of Berehove, in Nagysholes, on Sunday the market was surrounded. 70 people were taken away from there,” the post continues.
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Polish PM Decries WWIII, Says More Arms to Ukraine Will Prevent It


Has Mateusz Jakub Morawiecki, the PM of Poland, lost his mind? It would seem so. He is basically calling for WWIII while claiming he is trying to avoid it.

It should be obvious by now that pouring more military armaments into the USG-initiated conflict in Ukraine will result in a reciprocal response by the Russian armed forces. Russia’s SMO is tasked with disarming neo-Nazis and preventing them from killing the innocent people they hate in eastern and southern Ukraine. Period. Everything else—Russian invasion of Europe, Russian meddling in USG elections, Putin’s cancer—are deceptive elements of the Big Lie.

Morawiecki was awarded the Order of Prince Yaroslav the Wise, a medal for “distinguished services” in the name of the Ukrainian state. Nancy Pelosi also received this award, as did a number of other foreign politicians supporting the coup government and its ethnic cleansing neo-Nazis committed to mass murdering Russians and other “untermenschen” minorities. Zelenskyy passed out these awards like hotcakes, desperate to flatter panhandling targets and wheedle more missiles, tanks, and cash out of the West.

The more arms the USG and Europe send to threaten Russia and kill its soldiers, the more Russia will respond by targeting Ukraine with kamikaze drones, Iskander ballistic missiles, Kh-22 missiles, Kalibr cruise missiles, P-800 Oniks, OTR-21 Tochka missiles, etc., and they will do so until the threat is eliminated.

It will be a fight to the last Ukrainian—and maybe the last European.
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Medvedev Suggests Parking Hypersonic Missiles Near the Potomac


Dmitry Medvedev, the former Russian president, prime minister, and now deputy chairman of the Security Council of Russia, posted the following statement to Telegram on January 6.

On Wednesday, Vladimir Putin deployed the frigate Admiral Gorshkov. It is armed with Zircon hypersonic missiles (3M22 Tsirkon). Admiral Gorshkov will travel “on a transoceanic cruise in a show of force as tensions with the West escalate over the war in Ukraine,” according to the LA Times.

The latest version of the Zircon missile is capable of screaming toward a target at Mach 8, around 7,000 miles per hour, and is reportedly unstoppable.

Parking hypersonic missiles 100 miles off the Potomac, which flows through DC, is an obvious warning that Russia has the ability to strike the neoliberal order where it hurts.

Medvedev doesn’t pull punches. He tells us, in language avoided by Putin, what he thinks of the USG and its continued exercise of the Wolfowitz Doctrine, that is to say, the belief all competitors must be confronted and destroyed if demonstrating intransigence or resistance. Competitors will be eliminated, similar to the way Slobodan Milošević, Saddam Hussein, and Moammar Gadaffi were eliminated.
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