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Daniel McAdams

ISIS Winning? Will Trump's Plan Work?

Donald Trump wants to hit ISIS hard, to "put a ring around them" and take their oil, presumably with US troops on the ground. But according to former CIA expert Michael Scheuer, attempting to defeat ISIS militarily would only help them grow in power. The best US “weapon,” writes Scheuer, is non-intervention in the Middle East. Who’s right?
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US Intelligence Confirms US Support for ISIS

Former Defense Intelligence Agency head Gen. Michael Flynn is not backing down from his claims that elements of the US government were aware of and supported the rise of jihadists in Syria as a means by which to overthrow its president, Bashar Assad. As the US moves ever closer to a full-out invasion of Syria the lack of media interest in Flynn's story is reminiscent of the one-sided (pro-war) coverage of the run up to the 2003 Iraq War. More on the disturbing new revelations in a special edition of the Ron Paul Liberty Report...
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Hiroshima at 70: Have We Learned Anything?

Seventy years after the atomic incineration of Hiroshima, have we progressed beyond the idea of viewing civilians as fair game in a war waged by their leaders? Yes and no, finds the Ron Paul Liberty Report. On one hand public opinion has gradually shifted away from the idea that the bomb was necessary -- with the majority of young people in a recent poll viewing the atomic bombing of Japan unnecessary. On the other hand, through sanctions and drone "signature strikes" civilians are still being targeted. Today's Liberty Report also features Ron Paul reading from his new book, Swords into Plowshares, a section remembering the reaction in his house when the first atomic bomb was exploded...
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US Drone War Accelerates - Victims Unknown

The US drone war not only continues, but accelerates. More than 5,000 have been killed since 2009 in Obama's drone attacks and still the US has no idea how many of them might be innocent civilians. In fact, the US does not even bother to target only suspected terrorists. Instead, it targets patterns of behavior called "signatures." A male of military age is therefore considered a legitimate target. Does such an approach really keep us safe? Today's Liberty Report takes a look at this disturbing new form of US warfare...
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Ron Paul Plays Hardball

When are the neocons and the hawks going to stop getting us into more trouble, MSNBC's Chris Matthews asked Ron Paul during an appearance on Hardball. "Well I wish they'd look at reason and look at what is happening," replied Paul, but "I think it's unfortunately going to stop when we go broke and there's nothing left and then the people will find out that it is a total failure."
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Assad's 'Barrel Bombs'...and Ours


In 2012, just a year after President Obama decided that "Assad must go," then-State Department Spokeswoman Victoria Nuland condemned the Syrian military's use of unguided explosives in its fight against the US-sponsored insurgency. These weapons, deemed "barrel bombs," were, according to Nuland, "vicious things indiscriminately launched ... at targets without any concern about civilians."

Claims that "barrel bombs" were a form of terror deployed uniquely by the Syrian government primarily against citizens soon dominated media and western government coverage of the conflict. President Assad was a special kind of madman who, when given the opportunity, would particularly target his own citizens with "barrel bombs." Just as Gaddafi was about to commit genocide against his own citizens in Benghazi, Assad was barrel-bombing his own people and must be stopped, we were told.

The media and US government adoption of the term "barrel bomb" was in reality convenient war propaganda. Do the civilian victims of any military attack -- be they victims of Assad's bombs or US drones -- really care whether they are incinerated by a bomb with a Raytheon logo instead of a more crudely manufactured device? Are they any less or more dead?
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NATO Hypes Russia Threat While NATO Members Reduce Military Spending


NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, a former prime minister of Norway, took the podium during last week's meeting of NATO defense ministers to hype the Russian threat to NATO while 
downplaying recent NATO military activities on Russia's border.

While criticizing "a more assertive Russia investing heavily in defence," Stoltenberg nevertheless claimed that, “We do not seek confrontation [with Russia], and we do not want a new arms race.” 

He then announced that the new enhanced NATO Response Force will triple to include 40,000 personnel instead of the originally announced 13,000 and that NATO would be setting up six new east European mini-headquarters in Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, and Romania.
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Ron Paul Celebrates Two Years With the Ron Paul Institute!

It is hard to believe it was two years ago when we launched the Ron Paul Institute! We started the project because we wanted to make sure that Ron Paul's ideas would continue to prosper and to fertilize the fields of liberty that he had planted in his 40 years of public life. They said we would never last and if the neocons had their way we would have been shut down by now. But thanks to the interest and support of so many thousands worldwide, we are prospering. We cannot continue to challenge the neocons, interventionists, and police state promoters without your support. Please watch Ron Paul's assessment of our first two years and please consider supporting the Ron Paul Institute...

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Congress Demands War in Ukraine!


Just weeks after a European-brokered ceasefire greatly reduced the violence in Ukraine, the US House of Representatives today takes a big step toward re-igniting -- and expanding -- the bloody civil war.

A Resolution, "Calling on the President to provide Ukraine with military assistance to defend its sovereignty and territorial integrity," stealthily made its way to the House Floor today without having been debated in the relevant House Committees and without even being given a bill number before appearing on the Floor! 

Now titled H. Res. 162, the bill demands that President Obama send lethal military equipment to the US-backed government in Kiev and makes it clear that the weapons are to be used to take military action to return Crimea and parts of eastern Ukraine to Kiev's rule. 

Congress wants a war in Ukraine and will not settle for a ceasefire!
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Rep. Walter Jones: No More Dollars for Afghanistan

US Rep. Walter Jones (R-NC), an RPI Board Member, took to the House Floor yesterday to criticize the new Republican budget for its increased spending in Afghanistan. Spending on that "graveyard of empires," said Walter Jones, is an "absolute waste of taxpayers' money."

Rep. Jones cites the absurd situation, recently reported, that US money for places like Afghanistan is — even if inadvertently — winding up in the hands of al-Qaeda and other groups. The CIA, he pointed out, has been sending money to the Afghan leadership that ended up in a slush fund used by the Afghans to pay off al-Qaeda to ransom Afghan officials.
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