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New From RPI: A Tipping Point for Liberty


Ron Paul Institute Senior Fellow Adam Dick’s new book A Tipping Point for Liberty: Exposing and Defeating Leviathan Government was published this week. Dick’s new book frankly explores the battle between overbearing government, both at home and abroad, and individuals’ aspirations for liberty. In A Tipping Point for Liberty, Dick describes in detail the dangers from leviathan government and presents reasons for optimism.

Before joining RPI, Dick worked in the United States House of Representatives office of Rep. Ron Paul for nearly ten years. There, Dick concentrated on matters including the drug war, free speech, and gun rights that are focuses of A Tipping Point for Liberty. Dick’s book, drawn from his hundreds of RPI articles, explores in detail several other aspects of the modern America as well, including militarism, police misconduct, and mass surveillance.

Dick, whose experience includes managing one of the most successful Libertarian Party governor campaigns, also delivers in A Tipping Point for Liberty well-informed insights on libertarianism and Paul’s unique place in the liberty movement.

Paul, in his forward to Dick’s new book, says “A Tipping Point for Liberty expertly applies the freedom philosophy to current events” and “is an important tool for spreading the education needed to ensure we can move onward to a world of liberty, peace, and prosperity.”

Others are praising A Tipping Point for Liberty as well. Jacob G. Hornberger, the president of the Future of Freedom Foundation, writes that he is hopeful that A Tipping Point for Liberty “will open more people’s eyes as to what is happening to our country and to what we need to do to get our nation back on the right track.” Robert Wenzel of the popular websites Economic Policy Journal and Target Liberty also offers early praise for Dick’s new book. Wenzel writes:
Buy this book if you need to learn how government fails us. Buy this book if you want to learn how to defend liberty. Dick is a brilliant wordsmith for liberty. His prose hits like fireworks on every page. You won't be able to stop turning the pages. I couldn't.
A Tipping Point for Liberty is available at here.
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