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Ron Paul Blasts 'Deeply Flawed' US Foreign Policy - Interview With Larry King

RPI Chairman Ron Paul appeared on Larry King's "Politiking" program this week to discuss Ebola, Obama, foreign policy and so much more.

A big "thank you" to Larry King for mentioning the Ron Paul Institute in his introduction!

Dr. Paul and Mr. King hit on a wide variety of issues that will be of interest to RPI readers.

On Ebola, which is on everybody's mind, Dr. Paul is asked whether he believes the current outbreak is serious or overplayed. Dr. Paul responds that it is very serious and he is very worried about the outbreak. But, he adds, he is also worried about the media's obsession with Ebola, particularly when there are so many other even more serious diseases like tuberculosis and HIV that claim far more lives each year.

Dr. Paul says that President Obama's plan to send in 3,000 US troops to battle Ebola in Liberia is "really weird," warning that the move could cause the virus to spread even further.

What about ISIS?

Obama is handling the problem "very poorly," Dr. Paul tells King. He points out that there are radicals in every religion and when they are stirred up they will strike back. "The growth of ISIS is a reflection of a deeply flawed US foreign policy," adds Dr. Paul.

OK, replies Mr. King. The war on Iraq was a terrible mistake, but what should we do now?

Ron Paul replies, "in medicine, if you make a mistake and give the patient the wrong medicine the sooner you quit the better... bring them home!"

Watch this great interview here:

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