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Ron Paul Institute Now in Texas!

Great news! The Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity has moved from its former location in Washington, D.C.'s Virginia suburbs down to its new headquarters in Clute, Texas. The Institute is setting up its office next door to Ron Paul's FREE Foundation and not far from the Ron Paul Channel.

What a relief to escape the corrupt corridors of Mordor! A beachhead of peace and liberty is expanding in south Texas. And if you're wondering why Texas and not D.C., it is because we are not trying to play nice with the Beltway elites. Our audience is informed readers like yourself, who continue to question the pablum served up by politicians and the mainstream media.

The move down to Texas means that the Institute will be working much more closely with its founder and CEO, Dr. Ron Paul. A book is on the near horizon as well as a couple of other media-related projects. And of course, the Institute will continue its main focus: bringing hard-hitting analysis of important news events that readers will not see in the mainstream media.  As people continue to turn off the mainstream media, we want to be the resource they turn to.

Dr. Paul has also invited more Ron Paul Institute participation in the Ron Paul Channel  what a great new way to get our message out!

We are so grateful for the support all of our friends have provided in this first year of our existence. We have had so many charter members, regular members, chairman's circle donors, and more. We make our work available free of charge and our audience is growing exponentially. As I mention in the below video, we have outgrown our servers a number of times and we are approaching 70k Facebook followers. Nearly 200 news sites and blogs regularly re-print our work. We have had dozens and dozens of media appearances.

Not bad for an organization the neocons tried to strangle at birth!

But while we have the truth on our side, the neocons and statists and liberal interventionists have lots of dollars on theirs. We are punching far above our weight, but we really need your help to continue to do so. Our budget is a shoestring, but our rapidly increasing popularity means higher costs to us as well.

If you joined in our first year, please consider renewing your membership in the Institute. If you have not yet joined us, please consider doing so. We do not bother our readers often with budgetary issues, but the truth is we can really use your support. Help us get the word out. And, as we are a project of Dr. Paul's 501(c)3 FREE Foundation, your donation is completely tax deductible!

I hope you will enjoy my brief discussion with Dr. Paul below. Please feel free to drop me a line at I want to know what you are interested in. Stay tuned for more announcements soon. And if you are ever in the area, please look us up!

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