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Ukraine's Fractured Future

A month before violence ripped Ukraine apart, RPI contributor Christine Stone provided an in-depth analysis of Ukraine's precarious position, accurately forecasting the disaster that was to come.

Appropriately titled "Ukraine: Europe’s Partner or Puppet?" Stone wrote in October, 2013:
As the second most populous former Soviet republic, Ukraine has seemed uncomfortable with its independence since 1991 and less than committed to making it work. The fundamental issue has always been, does the country remain entwined with its larger neighbour Russia, or does it succumb to the blandishments of the West and distance itself completely from a country with which it was co-joined for over 1000 years?
With its shaky economy and political turmoil in several EU and euro member states, is this what the European Union really needs? With Russia now showing a more robust approach to what it sees as its ‘national interest’ who knows whether what seems on the surface to be an economic spat could lead to something deadlier.
Here is Christine Stone today discussing the aftermath of the "people's revolution" in Ukraine:

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