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Congress Alert

House of Representatives OKs the US Going to War against Iran

The days of congressional declarations of war are long gone, not passed for any of the many United States wars since World War II. In recent decades, Congress has passed authorizations for use of military force (AUMFs) to hand over to the executive branch discretion to choose to go to war against a certain county or to achieve a certain objective. AUMFs provide Congress members distance from the ensuing wars so they can duck responsibility or claim credit after reviewing measured public opinion.
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Reps. Massie and McGovern Seeking House Members’ Signatures for Letter to President Biden Asking for Dropping Charges against Julian Assange

Julian Assange of WikiLeaks is in a precarious situation. His legal defense team has been repeatedly rebuffed in its efforts to secure his release from prison in Britain where he suffers from abysmal conditions and to prevent his extradition to the United States. In America, Assange is set to face prosecution for helping expose the secret and disturbing reality of US government actions, including involving war.
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The Second Republican Members’ House Speaker Race This Week, Like the First, was between Two Over the Top Supporters of Aiding the Israel Government in Its War

Déjà vu in the United States House of Representatives. For the second time this week two Republican House members were running against each other to become House speaker, both of whom were over the top in their support for the expansive aiding of the Israel government in its war arising out of last Saturday’s Hamas attack.
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Rep. Dan Crenshaw’s Mexican Drug Cartels AUMF Goes Far Beyond Mexican Drug Cartels

Earlier this year, United States House of Representatives Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) selected Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) to lead a House task force focused on dealing with Mexican drug cartels. Many Republican presidential candidates have over the last few months voiced support for US war on Mexico to counter Mexican drug cartels and in response to fentanyl entering the US from Mexico. Crenshaw, though, seems to want to take things much further.
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Sen. Rand Paul Keeps Trying to End the Coronavirus Shots Mandate for US Senate Pages

High school students across America during the coronavirus crackdowns were subjected to oppressive, infuriating, and ridiculous mandates. Among the indignities, they were required to wear masks that were known to cause health problems and never shown to provide net protection against coronavirus, and they were subjected to heightened restrictions if some students tested positive — via unreliable tests — for coronavirus.
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The House-Knesset Parliamentary Friendship Group

Top Republican and Democratic leaders of the United States Congress just can’t get enough of demonstrating their over the top support for the government of Israel. One of the latest efforts to demonstrate this extreme devotion is the announcement by US House of Representatives Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) of the appointment of 12 Republican and Democratic House members to the new House-Knesset Parliamentary Friendship Group.
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