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Dennis Kucinich Drops In On Hemp Activists at US Capitol

Industrial hemp activists from around the country visited United States Representatives’ and Senators’ offices in Washington, DC this week to make the case for repealing decades-old US government restrictions related to the plant. When the activists were meeting together after their congressional office visits, RPI Advisory Board Member and former US Rep. Dennis Kucinich dropped in and offered some comments regarding hemp.

Watch the six minute video below for a taste of the gathering; Kucinich’s comments start four minutes into the video:

As a House member, Kucinich cosponsored then-Rep. Ron Paul’s Industrial Hemp Farming Act that would stop the US government from interfering with people growing hemp in accord with state law.

The House in May passed an appropriations bill amendment calling for US government deference to state laws allowing the use, distribution, possession, and cultivation of hemp. The Senate, though, has not also passed the House-approved appropriations bill containing the amendment.

Another appropriations bill amendment that legalizes some growing of hemp for research purposes did become law this year.

House and Senate bills similar to the bill RPI Chairman and Founder Paul introduced in prior congresses have been introduced this congress.
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